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Updated on April 24, 2014
M.G. asks from Olathe, KS
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Hello Moms, I haven't worn eyeshadow in years because every time I would put it on within about 5 or 10 minutes my eyelids would start itching. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Have you found products that you can use or something that helps? I know that eye makeup would help my look a lot.



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answers from Toledo on

I can't help you with eye shadow, but I can tell you that eye shadow on me makes very little difference. What matters more is a little eye liner or mascara on my bottom lashes. If I don't use that, my eyes tend to look very tired.

Maybe a little mascara would help?

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answers from Dallas on

My recommendation is to forego any cheap eye shadow.... you don't save money in the long run.

Buy quality products from the start. I have used Clinique for many years... the skin care line and makeup line. The products are also dermatologist recommended.

Clinique is not as pricey as some people believe. Of course, when you first look at the price tag, it appears pricey but if you average it out based on how long it lasts, you are not spending $10 a month.

Clinique reps are very good and there to help you find something right for your skin. They do give samples and they do guarantee the products with money back if you are not happy.

My favorite Clinique counters with specific Clinique reps are Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Macy's and Dillards also have good representation.

Good luck.

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answers from Honolulu on

Many women use blush, as 'eye' shadow. Of course to have evenness upon application, I use a translucent face powder so the blush color is not splotchy.
I do that. Using blush. Just natural shades. Whatever you like. It just adds natural color without it LOOKING like EYEshadow.

Try Clinique.
Their products are hypoallergenic.

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answers from Orlando on

Some women are allergic to the dyes in certain colors. They can't use purples or pinks because of the red dye and some are allergic to the neutrals too if it has shimmer and such that can irritate a sensitive eye.
Since you can tell in 5 or 10 minutes, I would go to a counter and have them put it on you so you will know.
I have worked for Clinique for 16+ years and we are more than hypo-allergenic, we go a step further and do actual allergy testing on a panel of 600 human volunteers. If one person has a reaction to the product, then it is back to the drawing board for that product. In my experience, it doesn't mean that no one ever will have a reaction, but it is a pretty good sampling for testing. Hypoallergenic basically means the product does not contain any ingredients that are known to cause reactions. When ingredients are combined however, that is when reactions can happen and that is why Clinique takes the extra step and does allergy testing.
A single shadow at Clinique is $15, duos are $20. Not much more than the drugstore and you can try before you buy. Good Luck!

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answers from New York on

I agree with TF. Clinique has become my favorite in the past 2 years. I still use other lines but for my sensitive skin, it works well. Plus they have lots of gifts. :)

Go ahead and buy a color combo. Try it. If you find your eyes are itchy, return it. They will give you a full refund. Also, try their Chubby Sticks for eyes. A couple of swipes and you are all set!

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answers from Washington DC on

Since it's been years since you've worn any eyeshadow-- time to try again, because now there are more hypoallergenic versions on the market than there were years back. Try the Almay brand; all of their makeup is hypoallergenic and unscented too. Be sure never to use old make-up (and old, with eye makeup, means maybe one year -- especially for eyeliner and mascara; and if you ever use any eye makeup and later find you had an eye infection, toss all that makeup even if it's brand new!).

You also can use face powder on your eyelids but need to "set" it by putting a very thin coat of foundation on the eyelid first -- and that doesn't always work since some foundations tend to crease if on the eyelid.

I think Physicians Formula makeup is also hypoallergenic--check it.

Avoid all cheap make-ups. The cheaper, the nastier; and they're full of junk you don't want on your sensitive eyes. You really do get what you pay for with makeup. Almay is very affordable (compared to department store brands). If nothing works, you might need to check out those pricey department store brands like Clinique.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I wonder what it is you're allergic to? There are a lot of things in them. Have you tried any that say hypoallergenic?

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answers from Norfolk on

The same thing happens to me.
I've tried hypoallergenic and brand new makeup and it makes no difference,
I just can't use it.

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answers from Raleigh on

I second Almay. I have extremely sensitive eyes, and I can wear it all day no problem.

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answers from Muncie on

How old is the make-up that you're using? The newer the better.

I personally use very little on my eyes, white under my eyebrow and eyeliner.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I use ELF and it doesn't make my eyes itch.

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