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Updated on April 29, 2011
H.N. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms,
I'm interested in buying an Ergo baby carrier for my 10 month old but I'm not sure if it's worth it at this point. He's starting to stand and creep along furniture and I know it's just a matter of time before he's walking and running. However, he has 2 older brothers and sometimes it would be nice to have him on my back while we are watching hockey or t-ball. Do you think it's worth it? If you have used one, how old was your child when you stopped? Thanks in advance!!!

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Well I bought one on babysteals as well! Thanks for all the great info!!!

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answers from Chicago on

I think it's totally worth it. My daughter is 2.5 yrs now and I still wear her on my back ocassionally.

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answers from St. Louis on

If you go to the ergo carrier is the steal for today. It is much cheaper than to purchase it from the store. Their price is from $57-74.

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answers from Provo on

If you do get one, it's on com today for $57-75 go get one now!!!

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answers from Denver on

I used a Bjorn with my first child and once she got to a certain size it KILLED my back and shoulders. For my second child I borrowed a friend's Ergo and LOVED it. I had to give it back though. For my third I was planning on getting an Ergo but they are so expensive. I just bought one five minutes ago on Babysteal thanks to Tedsmommy!



answers from Chicago on

Yes!!! I didn't get one until my second was 6 months because she was too big for the Bjorn. We use it all the time still and she is 3. I like to have it at the zoo or museums where I don't want to deal with the stroller but I know she might tire out before the end. We've also used it hiking all over the U.S., at air ports, stores during flu season when I don't want her in the cart, etc. I can actually still put my 4 year old in it comfortably as well. It's so much easier for me than having to carry them in my arms. I H. this helps.



answers from Dallas on

Yes! Its worth it. I've carried my two year old son in it. My daughter is now 15 months and she still regularly rides in the Ergo or in my hot sling.

I take it everywhere with me and use it all the time.

Definitely worth it.



answers from Kansas City on

Just ordered one from Thanks 'MegandOllie' and 'Tedsmommy'!



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi! I am still using mine so much with my 11 month old - at the grocery store, mall, etc She has a 3 year old sister and it is nice to have my hands free to deal with her at the grocery store, big girl in the cart, little girl on mommy. Just to give you an idea of the strength of the carrier, I recently put my 32lb 3 y/o in it for fun and she loved it and it was pretty comfortable for me (she was in the front position -- I've never been a fan of the back carry, just couldn't get used to it). We didn't use it nearly as much with our oldest, but I can see myself still using it well into the fall & perhaps longer with our baby, especially if i get better at the back carry.


answers from Los Angeles on

We had a Bjorn and then when our daughter outgrew it we bought an Ergo and looooved it. I think we could carry her in it until she was around 3? BTW, go to the company's website. We bought a used (or maybe it had a minor defect, can't remember) one from them and it was in perfect shape and cheaper. Not sure if they still offer those, but worth looking into.


answers from Seattle on

I am still using mine with my three year old:) So you can still get your $$ out of it!!! I didnt buy mine until he was over one.



answers from Chicago on

Totally worth it. I didn't start using it until about 8 months or so actually and still use it when needed. (My girls are almost 3! They are light, though, so depends how big your son will be maybe) It's awesome. Puts the weight on the hips, not the lower back or shoulders. Look on craigslist or a mommy site or twins club retail sale to try to find one cheaper since they are a bit price it.



answers from Boston on

I'm still using mine with my 15 month old, it's a lifesaver for me with my 2 1/2 year old as well. I used it today at the park, my 15 month old was getting tired and I hate to just leave him sitting in the stroller so I carry him on my back, he loves it and is always so content in it. It never bothers my shoulders or back, it's the best! I'm sure I will be getting a lot more use out of it as well.



answers from Denver on

I love mine and the great thing about the Ergo is if you get a new one you can sale it when your done and get most of you money back...or buy a used one for $80-85.

I had one with my first daughter who is now four... and I used it until she was about 18 months. I now have another for my 9 month old and plan to use it as long, if not longer. It all depends on the child, my oldest is a busy kid so hated being stuck on mommy.



answers from Chicago on

Hi H.,

We love, love, love our Ergo carrier! I was still wearing my daughter in it regularly at age 2 1/2 (I would've continued longer, but I was pregnant w/ #2 and the carrier wouldn't fit around my belly). I imagine we may still wear her (at almost 3 1/2) if we went on a hike or something. It is totally worth it, and such a life saver. We live in the city in a walk-up, so it's been very helpful for grocery shopping, naps on the go, going to-and-from the bus or train, and on days when the sidewalks were too snowy to navigate w/ the stroller. It's great for use in airports/traveling, too.

If you're looking to buy one for less, they come up pretty often on, and I've also seen them on, and for about half-price. You can also call the company -- they have very slightly used carriers available at a discount, and you could try e-bay or craigslist, too. But you may want to actually try one out (if you haven't already). They sell them at Be By Baby (Roscoe & Lincoln -- Paulina stop on the Brown line) --

Best of luck,

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