Endometriosis and Birth Control

Updated on December 01, 2007
L.F. asks from Austin, TX
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I have a friend who has been diagnosed with endometriosis and was on Yasmin, but then switched to Ortho tri birth control. The hormones have affected her really adversely and she has become very apathetic and depressed. My question is, has anyone out there had endometriosis and what birth control did you find was effective as far as making you feel like yourself and not a emotional wreck? Her doctor has recommended surgery, but she is scared that it will just return. Any stories and or advice would be greatly appreciated. She's a dear friend of mine, and i'm just trying to get as much info as i can.

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answers from Dallas on

Endometriosis effects everyone differently. I myself was diagnosed almost 8 years ago and have had 3 surgeries for it. I also had a very difficult time getting pregnant. It took us over 3 1/2 years, even with the help of fertility treatments. We were finally successful with our first round of IVF and had twins!! I have tried over 10-15 types of birth control in my life and have not found one that works for me. So when I got married we knew we wanted kids and it would be difficult for us to conceive so I went off birth control completely. Even after having my twins I have not gone back on birth control. I have a friend who was also diagnosed with Endometriosis and was able to conceive after coming off the pill in a few short weeks. She has been on birth control for 14-15 years. She has had surgery twice.

I recommend the surgery. Yes, it can be scary. But it is worth it, even for the few short months of being pain free. If she is at a point where she would be happy starting a family pregnancy is a great thing for Endo. There is currently no cure but this helps so much for some women. I have only had a few periods since I breast fed my boys for several months, but the ones that I have had have been pain free, but still very heavy. There is also additional medication she can do after the surgery called Lupron. Thoughts and feedback about that could go on as well. It is another one of those things that effect everyone differently.

I could go on and on. Have your friend email me at [email protected]____.com if she has any additional questions or would like more feedback.



answers from San Antonio on

I was diagnosed with endo over 10 years ago. It is NOT a fun disease. It affects different people differently. At times I couldn't even get out of bed because the pain was so bad. The cat jumping on the bed would cause me to be in pain. Other times I didn't have any pain at all. It goes up and down. Getting a hysterectomy (sp?) is not a fail proof solution either because sometimes they can't see all of the microscopic endo...and if they leave it behind...and you take hormone replacement therapy...or eat a lot of soy...it can return.

I was on Mircette for several years, and I went from having heavy periods that were heavy all 5-7 days to periods that were still 5-7 days, but only 2-3 days of being heavy flow. I also had very little problems with pain. The only downside to the pills was a decrase in libido. :( BUT...it was worth it to me not to be in pain.

Another thing that helps endo is pregnancy...if you can get pregnant. It took us over 2 years...but once I was pregnant...I had NO pain the entire pregnancy and the entire time I breastfed. :)



answers from College Station on

Everyone reacts different. It took me and my doctor to find a good balance after years of trying things. What finally worked for me is continuous NuvaRing. This means that I wear each ring 25-30 days and immediately replace it with a new one. 2-4 times a year I go ringless for one week and have a period.

I had problems with depression and weight gain on oral pills.



answers from Sherman on

Hi L. I am only 22 and have been diagnosed wih endometriosis...it's not that bad as long as your friend stays on birth control unless she wants to get pregnant and then right back on the pill.At least that's what my doctor has told me. I was on the ortho patch and whiched over to Yasmin..There are many differnet pills that she can ask her doctor to give her some samples to test. By the way endometriosis will never go away it will always be there but the pills will help with the pain and slow it down and pregnancy will also slow it down as well. I'm sorry but this is all that I know. Tell your friend good luck and sorry that there is no cure for this. And my doctor told me the only way to get it all out is to get all of your women parts out..ewwww!



answers from Dallas on

I have adeomyosis (SP???) it is inside out endometriosis (instead of tissue on the outside of my uterous into everything else, mine is on the inside) and my doctor recommended a birth control that didnt' change hormone levels. I was a wreck on Ortho and a couple of others. I am now on Alesse-28- it has an even level of hormones (the pills are all the same color). I have periods that last 2-3 days, light and am much more even emotionally. They make a generic of this pill and it cost me $5 and works GREAT!!!

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