birth control while pregnant

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Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

Read all 27 responses: "I heard that you cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding . ... Breastfeeding as birth control is known as the Lactation Amenorrhea ...

Help - Missed Period While on Birth Control

She said some women on this birth control method never have a period at all. Wow ! There's no worry that I'm pregnant either... Last time I checked, you have ...

Getting Pregnant While Taking the Pill?

I've never have gotten pregnant on Birth Control Pills but me personally would take a ... Assuming you have regular 28-day cycles while on the pill, ...

Pregnancy Symptoms While Breast Feeding

I became pregnant while nursing. BF is not birth control, so it is very possible you can get pregnant. Your milk will also taste different, so if you are, ...

Wanting to Get pregnant...still Breastfeeding

Take birth control for a month. Also, just because you don't think ... I got pregnant while breastfeeding and on the minipill, so I know it is possible. ...

While Breastfeeding Could I Be Pregnant??

Yes it is possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding. I know I was actually on some type of birth control (a little different than the normal one) while ...

Micronor Birth Control Pill

Oops - she got pregnant with her now 4 month old daughter. Be careful if you switch! 1 mom found this helpful ... Birth Control While Breastfeeding ...

Bleeding Before My Period Is Due, Dark Brown, Maybe Pregnant?

Oct 24, 2009 ... Depending on the type of birth control you were on, the hormones from them typically stay in your system for 3-5 ... Period While Pregnant? ...

Birth Control While Breast Feeding

while i was breastfeeding my daughter my ob/gyn put me on a very low dose birth control pill. i didn't notice any side effects or any decrease in milk ...

Breastfeeding and Becoming Pregnant

I had my OBGYN place me on an estrogen free birth control pill which did awesome . I'm not sure if you can get pregnant while breastfeeding since you really ...
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