what effects does birth control have

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Has Anyone Had an IUD for Birth Control?

and the dr recommended a Mirena IUD for birth control. ... My doc told me that it does have progesterone in the stem, could it be working differently in ...

Birth Control Pill

With Yasmin, my body does fine, I take it for reasons other than birth control. ... If you are thinking the generic will have less of an mood effect, most likely it will not. ... Anyone Have Any Experience with the Birth Control Yaz? ...

Health Problems After Yasmin Birth Control?

I also had to have my gall bladder removed in my early 20's. As far as I know, that was a common birth control at that time. ... This stuff does effect you down the line, it stays in your system for a while, disrupting your bodies ...

Birth Control for a Teenager

I have to say that birth control is a health issue with all those extra hormones on a .... painful side effects for almost a year when I came off of birth control, ... Let her know that she does not have your permission, but if anything ...

Pregnancy After Depo Birth Control

My only concern is that I have been on the depo shot (birth control) for 7 .... the shot now regardless, since it does have some serious long term effects. ...

Birth Control Question

Read all 10 responses: "My doctor put me on the NuvaRing birth control. ... It's not hormonal and does not have any of the side effects. ...

Does Anyone Have Experience with And/or Feedback Regarding the Mirena IUD?

I have been on Depo for a couple of years now for birthcontrol and overall I've been pretty happy with it and been mostly side-effect free. ...

Permanent Birth Control

Essure does not use any types of hormones like other birth control methods so you would not have any of the hormonal effects like a pill, iud, etc. ...

Mirena/Birth Control Decision Help with Anxiety

Aug 12, 2009 ... I have been through so many types of birth control since I was 17 and ... source of information about the effects of birth control on anxiety. ... Mirena DOES have hormones, however it is a lower does than any BC pill. ...

NuvaRing Birth Control - Side Effects

So I guess I will just have to see how it does/works for me and my husband. ... I know that Birthcontrol is different for everyone and it may not effect you ...
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