"Need Info on a Drop down Crib"

Updated on November 18, 2011
R.B. asks from Aliquippa, PA
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I have a drop side crib that we used with no problems with our first child, and we are expecting baby #2 in April. The only reason I am even considering using the crib with all the recalls there have been is because I have researched a few websites for the brand and model I have, checked the lists that were posted on the sites, and nothing showed up in the searches or on the lists. And the model we have is not designed like the ones in the pictures. However, I want to be 100% sure before using it. I Googled the manufacturing company, contacted the company for information, but the company emailed me and said the manufacturing company listed on the website iis not affiliated with their company . (I know right???) And there is no phone number, or website for the manufacturing company listed!! So I guess my question is, is there a phone number for SOMEWHERE to verify info on cribs?? I just need to put my mind at ease!!! Thanks in advance mommies!!!

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answers from Phoenix on

You can buy a conversion kit at Home Depot or similar for about $15 that will immobilize the drop-side and make the crib safe to use. Congrats on baby #2!

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answers from Lake Charles on

You can buy a crib immobilizer from a furniture store (or online) I wouldn't use it unless you got one. It basically makes the drop side not work..

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answers from Richmond on

You can contact the manufacturer (like their website) for information.

HOWEVER... yes, drop side cribs are a thing of the past due to the potential hazards, but 1- I have 3 kids. They all slept in drop side cribs. They're FINE. and 2- Because my husband is a worry wart, we rigged the drop side crib by screwing the drop side into the immobile outside part, and voila, problem solved.

Of course, I'm too damn short to pick my son up and out if he's laying down, so I have to wait for the little stinker to come to me, but I digress...

Really simple fix, screwing the sides together so it doesn't move. No reason to spend the money on a brand new crib when the old one will work just fine!

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answers from Washington DC on


Please go to this press release on the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site now.

You seem to be seeking information about any recalls on your particular model of crib, but that no longer matters. ALL drop-side style cribs, no matter what the manufacturer or when they were made, are dangerous. The presss release discusses completely "banning drop-side cribs from the United States market" period, not just some makes and models. Look at the photo of what can happen if a child is entrapped in a crib side. That's what CPSC wants to avoid.

You may feel that since you used the crib just fine with your first child, it's still OK to use. And I'm sure moms will post on here along the lines of "Oh, we survived them, it's silly to ban them." But try telling that to parents whose children were injured or killed in these cribs. Just because it hasn't happened to you or someone you know does not mean that the design of the cribs is fundamentally fine. Unless you can get the manufacturer's specific kit to fix this model (and older models may not have any such kits available), please get rid of the crib. You cannot resell it or give it away in good conscience, frankly.

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answers from Chicago on

I bought our furniture used and we made sure we put it back together securely. We've used the drop down for three kids.....No issues. Just don't use the bumper pads :). If you are really uncertain...any hardware like Home Depot sells kits with the brackets you'll need to convert the drop down side.

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answers from Houston on

The Consumer Products Safety Commission banned this type of crib December 15th, 2010.
It is illegal to re-sale it as well.
I know we all had these cribs when we were babies, just FYI.

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answers from Los Angeles on

To be completely safe, I would just chuck it and buy a new crib. Even if the manufacturer says its ok, it would still worry me because it is illegal to sell these things now for a reason. Just because your particular brand didn't have any injuries/fatalities thus far doesn't mean it won't happen. The chances of it could be 1 in a billion but if you happen to be that 1, the numbers don't really matter, you know? Invest in a safe crib!

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter is in a drop down crib. We just nailed shut the latch piece that you would use to drop it down. Problem solved.

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answers from Chicago on

Not worth the worry, you know? Skimp somewhere else and buy a new crib. Get one that can transition to the toddler or day bed later so it's more of an investment than for just the first 2 years.

I'd get rid of your drop-side crib.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi Renee~

First of all congratulations on your pregnancy. I can totally see why you are checking into this matter. I used drop down cribs for my twins. I bought them at Toys R Us around 10 yrs. ago. I GAVE mine away to a friend but I told her about the recall. She called Graco and they mailed her free of charge, kits to install on each crib so that the side CAN NO longer go up and down. It becomes immobilized. So now she can use them! Here's a link (a photo of a doll) to see what could possibly happen if the drop down side does not get the immobilization kit attached to it: http://news.injuryboard.com/death-of-the-dropside-crib-fo...

Could the crib company possibly have changed names? For example, years ago a company called Century changed to another name. I would hope you could find the kit made specifically for your crib.



answers from Philadelphia on

I heard its illegal to sell them new or used. Mine was on a recall list and the company sent parts to fix the problem. At the time my MIL suggested turning crib around so drop side is up against the wall.


answers from Erie on

Just repair the crib so its no longer a drop side. We had one with both kids and had none of the problems. But to be sure, just convert it. Get some good strong wood screws and permanently affix the rain to the sides. you should have no issues.


answers from York on

Congrats on baby #2 :) I recommend you get the immobilizers the others posted about. I myself had a drop-side crib for my son who is now 3. I plan to re-use it without worry for #2. My understanding of the recall is that parents were using cribs with broken drop-sides which IMO is just carelessness. I don't even move the drop-side up and down on mine so I can easily get the immobilizers and save myself the money of a new crib.

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