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Updated on March 06, 2011
L.C. asks from Albertville, MN
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So the other question regarding what to do with dropside cribs got me thinking as well... I have a dropside crib and have already contacted the company and received the conversion kit to make in a non- dropside crib. So my question is, once the kit is installed and it no longer has the ability to drop what is it considered? I was really looking to sell it or at least give it to another family who could really use it. The crib was never recalled so there have been no known problems with the crib that we have. I just don't feel right chucking the thing in a landfill when there are so many families out there that are struggling and babies that have no place to sleep and the fact that it is soooo wasteful.

So what is the census??
What are you doing with your dropside cribs?
Is it legal to sell them once they have been converted?
How bout the moral part?
I'm puzzled! I wish that they had clear guidelines as to what we should all do about this. Thanks to all of you mama's in advance!!

Just to make it clear there is a difference between the ban and the recall, I know this because I have been researching this exact matter. If in the future something new goes wrong with any dorpside crib it will still be the companies obligation to recall the item. So no my crib has not been recalled, just included in the dropside crib ban.

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answers from Cumberland on

If you intend to sell or donate the crib-disclose everything you just told us in writing including the dates-you may not remember them later.

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answers from Houston on

I understand your problem! I mean, I couldn't afford a crib and wouldn't care if it was a drop side. Drop side cribs have been used for over a century. As you said, there's many babies out there who need cribs. I have a friend who won't be able to get her baby in and out of the crib because she is too short, she'll have to hope she can find a drop side!

When my second child moved to a toddler bed I put my crib on freecycle and even though it needed some minor repairs, I had lots of people asking for it!

Wish you the best,
S., mom to four girls

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answers from Dallas on

ALL dropside cribs have been banned, therefore they are all recalled. They stopped recalling specific numbers, because they made a sweeping ban. It would be illegal to sell it. I understand not wanting to throw it away, I hate wasting things. However, there have been injuries even after the conversions. I would not want the liability on me, if someone I gave it to had an injured child from the crib. It's one of those situations where I think your only choice is really to throw it away.

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answers from Washington DC on

Give it to Good Will. Make sure you put a tag on it that says that it has been converted to non-dropside.
Take the donation form and walk away.

Personally, I can't stand sweeping recalls and bans on things. My dropside crib that I used for my 2 and another family used for their 3 children was just fine.

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answers from Phoenix on

To start, the drop side crib was only stopped from future production not from total use! The conversion kits turn them into what is called a "fixed gate" and are perfectly legal to use, donate or SELL! The majority of the company's did a VOLUNTARY recall and they would only send you the conversion kit because the truth in the matter is... the problem was operator error. If you do not make sure the side is locked in place when you pull up on it then it can obviously be pushed or pulled down by the child. So aws long as you have your conversion kit kit you can do as youplease with it! Good luck!

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answers from Provo on

I do know that selling a recalled item is illegal, but since you said yours wasn't a recalled one, I think selling would be fine. You could put in you ad that it has the conversion kit already installed and what not.
I would second giving it to a shelter of some sort. They are always needing one.


answers from Modesto on

Try selling it as "upgraded dropside", or donate to a womens shelter.
You might even try selling or donating to some animal shelters as they use them for crate training animals too.


answers from Denver on

I agree with many of the mama's that if it has had a conversion kit installed & it is a newer crib in working order then you are fine to use or sell with a full disclosure. Many of us mama's grew up in drop-side cribs & survived : )

Our local Just Between Friends (http://www.jbfsale.com/default.cfm) is offering $40 toward shopping trip if you donate it. Not bad, if you aren't able to sell it & need stuff for kiddos.



answers from New York on

We have a great drop side crib that both our kids have used. I don't know what to do with it once my daughter is out of it. I hate to just throw it away, so will definitely try and see if someone wants/needs it. It's been wonderful to us, recall or no recall.

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