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Updated on January 30, 2009
C.R. asks from Burke, VA
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Hi Ladies,

I have been searching for a double stroller, but haven't really found something I would really like to buy. Can anyone recommend a double stroller that is light, easy to manage (fold) etc, that can fit any infant car seat?
Thanks a bunch

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answers from Washington DC on

I have a Phil and Ted's double, although I don't use it with a carseat. It has the option to lay one of the seats flat for a newborn and that it what I do.

You can buy a kit that allows you to attach either a graco or another brand of carseat to it, but it doesn't take just any carseat.

I bought the Sport model and it is definitely light and manueverable.

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answers from Dover on

I got the side by side Peg Prego Aria. They fold flat and are super light. I put the Graco infant carrier on one side and a toddler on the other. They are not made for they carrier but it fits snug. The seats also recline which helped with naps.



answers from Washington DC on

I have a Joovy Caboose Ultralight Sit and Stand for my 21 month old and 2 month old.

I love it. It's incredibly light and fits behind the third row of seats in our car when we have them folded up. You can strap an infant car seat on the front and the toddler can sit or stand at the back. I "test drove" several strollers first at Great Beginnings in Rockville and decided on this one since it was the lightest and easiest to manage.
Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

When I was pregnant with my second I was looking at the OneStepAhead's version of the sit-n-stand stoller.

You can opt for one seat and the stand/bench part or two seats and the stand/bench part. It also comes with a bar that you can attach to the front seat for a car seat to hook onto. I think the website even has a short video showing how easy it is to fold and unfold.

I never actually got to purchase it because I had a miscarriage, but I will when we eventually do have our second little one.

Hope this helps! :o)



answers from Washington DC on

Don't get a side by side



answers from Washington DC on

I'm a total stroller addict, so I've been through a few doubles. I'll give you my two cents! My kids are 13 mos apart, so my son was 13 mos when my daughter was born (just by way of refernce)

I started with the Combi Twin (side by side) b/c it folded up really small and was really lightweight. It's not made to take a carseat, but I used my Britax Companion in it, and unless you plan on going off-road with it, it's not going to fall out. However, I found that it was flimsy after awhile, and cramped for my toddler. Once the baby moved out of the carseat and they were next to each other, the baby drove my toddler crazy b/c she grabbed at him all the time. I just felt there wasn't enough separation. There were also no cupholders and storage was paltry at best. NOT my favorite stroller, but it worked in a pinch.

Next I got the Bob Revoluion Duallie. LOVE, but it's really big and heavy, so not the best for transporting in your car, etc. Good for taking walks in your neighborhood.

I have heard wonderful things about the Graco Duoglider. Everyone I know who has one LOVES it. It folds up fairly small (for a double) and isn't ridiculously heavy. It's front/back, so the kids can't get into each other's hair when they get older. It does have two traditional seats in front and back, and will take just about any carseat.

I tried a more expensive stroller (the Jane Powertwin) at one point, but while I found it wonderful to maneuver, it was a pain to fold and stow, and quite heavy. Anything where you have to remove the seats to fold is a pain if you stow it a lot in your car.

I ended up with the Sit & Stand from BabyTrend now that my toddler is older. I liked it better than the Joovy b/c the seat is actually bigger, so he can sit when there is a carseat in front. With the joovy, if you have a carrier in front, the backseat is basically non-existent. Plus the Baby Trend has better storage than the Joovy. Finally, it's about $100 cheaper than the Joovy. No brainer to me. I LOVE the S&S now, and my toddler loves it too, since he doesn't like riding in a traditional "stroller" anymore. It folds up surprisingly small for the size it is when it's open, and while I wouldn't call it light, it's not as heavy as the Bob. If my son had been old enough when the baby was born, I would have gotten the S&S from the get-go.

Hope this is helpful!



answers from Dover on

I would also say go with the Joovy Caboose! I tried the Graco double stroller and my son (then 3 years old) did NOT fit in it, so I went with the Joovy and I love it.



answers from Norfolk on

Alex C is right on with her advice - Joovy Ultralight Caboose. My son was 2-1/2 when my baby was born and we love this stroller. There isn't a ton of storage room, but I use a Skip Hop Duo large diaper bag and it fits perfectly underneath. Also the cup holder it comes with is awesome. At only 21 lbs you won't find a tandem that's lighter. It folds very easily. Only problem is I have to take off the infant attachment to fit it in my trunk, but it's quick and still totally worth it. It is expensive at $280'ish but if it's your 2nd child you shouldn't need a ton of other stuff! :) Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

I haven't needed a double yet, but a friend of mine splurged on a Phil and Ted stroller last year and loves it. But I don't know if it takes a car seat. My sister-in-law has six kids and uses both a Graco Duo glider and an InStep, depending on where she is going. Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

I have twin boys (now 2 1/2 year old) and we used the MacLaren double stroller since their birth. It is light weight, folds in a way that it doesnt occupy too much space in the car trunk. (I am not very strong and it is the only stroller I was able to handle easily...) You can put babies from 5 pounds till 50 pounds so it works if you have kids of different ages. Only thing is that you can not fit the seat into it... just the baby. It is little costly but it is worth it!

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