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Updated on October 02, 2007
M.K. asks from Clayton, IN
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Hello Everyone!
This could be a dumb question but, I am getting ready to purchase my sister a double stoller for baby #2. She has a 1 1/2 year old and is due in three weeks with #2. I am trying to find the best stroller for her that will suit both kids. She already has a really nice single chicco travel system. I have looked but I am having difficulties finding one that will hold the chicco carrier and also fit the toddler. ( is there one out there?) I only have one child so I have not yet had to worry about this. But what does everyone use?? I just hate for her to have to always take the baby out of the carrier to put him in the stroller. We use our strollers a lot. HELP!! Need thoughts, suggestions....

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for the great idea's. I found out that there is only one stroller that is compatible with the chicco brand. Even most universal strollers are not compatible. So, the only one available was the sit and stand and my nephew was just not good at that so, we have opted to wait a while when possible a carrier isn't needed. My sister now has a sling and plans to use that for now. Later we will have more options as to a double stoller.......Thanks again!

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I have a double stoller from Graco. I think it is called DuoStoller, or something like that. You can get them at Target. My pumkin seat didn't fit the way it did on the single stoller, but it fit snug enough that I didn't worry about it falling out. (No bar to snap the seat into.) The back seat, where you want the lighter weight, lays back enough that I could put the baby in there from the beggining. The front doesn't lay down as far, so you don't have to worry about the older child laying on the baby. I still used it for my older two, when the third one was born, and we had to go to two strollers. I really like it.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I used a gracco double stroller for my 2 (they're 14 months apart) and loved it. I can't remember now what the name of it was other then Gracco



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Hi M.,

I have a 13 month old and a 9 week old.
This is what I bought
I love it.
I can't fit the carseat but it reclines completely and its so easy to fold up... The seats recline completely to hold a newborn. It holds cups, has space under... can't tell you enough and a carseat ON top of stroller and 2 kids would be so heavy!!

I recommend it. I don't the one where the other child can sit or stand if the other chils is under 2 y/o.




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I found a universal double stroller at Meijer for $89!!!! It lists which carrier's it's compatable with. Sorry I don't know the brand or anything at this point. (I'm in a similar boat with a 19 month old and one due in 8 weeks).



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Hi! I actually was facing this same problem. I went to all the different baby stores that sold double strollers to try them all out. I needed a double stroller to fit my 2 year old daughter and our son (due in 3 weeks). I needed something that folds smaller than most double strollers and had lots of underneath storage.
I found the Grace Quattro Tour Duo-in the Ionic pattern. It is great! I did lots of research online and most other mothers love it. I tried this out with my 4 year old nephew in the front and my duaghter in the back.....and it still steered great. We have an older graco and eddie bauer infant seat and they both fit just fine.
It is a little more pricy, it is about $230. I got my at the Baby Depot w/in Burlington Coat Factory in Indy, that way you do not have to pay shipping. Plus when you walk in the store pick up a baby magazine and there is a 10% off coupon... making it the same price as on the internet w/out the shipping. Plus it is local, you can take the seat there and try it out.
Hope this helps! I know how much trouble i had.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I had this problem not even a month ago now. I finally found a stroller that I love. Its by Jeep. I found it at walmart. It was the only one that I thought was a reasonable price and my son loves it. The toddler seat in front has a play steering wheel. It is has a little swueaky horn. We have a graco car seat for the newest member of the family and it fits just fine. I am pretty sure that most other brands fit as well. The best part of getting the stroller at Wal-mart is the "site to store". They have free shipping to the store and you get an e-mail when it arrives. Hope this helps!!



answers from Kokomo on

Check out the peg pergo strollers. I'm not positive that they hold the Chicco carriers, but they do hold evenflo. I love the Contours Tandem Stroller. I am buying that one in a couple weeks, as I am expecting baby # 2 soon. My boys will be 20 months apart and this one seems to be the best for what I anticipate needing.
Good luck in your search and be sure to post what you decide on. If you come across better one I know I would love to check it out.



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Is her mind set on a double stroller? What about a baby sling? They have tons of styles to fit her... I found that a sling was WAY more important then a double stroller. If you want to go the stroller way I would get a sit and stand. There is a regular seat, and then a platform for the older child to sit or stand on. With the sling she could use the stroller she has for the olderone, and then put baby in sling. OR put toddler in sling, and baby in stroller. Those double strollers don't fit through stores very well. That my 2 cents :) good luck!



answers from Terre Haute on

I actually have twins so I have a double stroller and we use the Graco DuoGlider LXI and it fits a carrier in either seat. This would give her the option of putting one child in the normal stroller seat and one in a carrier in the stroller seat.



answers from Indianapolis on

My daughter just turned 2 and I have a 5 week old baby. I LOVE my Double Elite Sit 'n Stand stroller from One Step Ahead ( I used a Sit 'n Stand for the past 2 years with my son and daughter (they are 3 years apart in age) and loved it. Ok, my son loved it because he was 3 when she was born and loved riding on it. My daughter is too young to stand or sit on the back of those strollers, though. But I also didn't want to buy a double stroller that she would outgrow in a year (most kids I know, including my son, want nothing to do with a 'baby' stroller before they turn 3).

This stroller is the best of both worlds. It's a traditional doulbe stroller with 2 reclining seats with 5 point harnesses and sunshades. There's a tray and cupholder for front seat and parent and large storage compartment. It folds easily and is lighter and more compact than most doubles I looked at. When the older child is closer to 3, just remove the backseat (which takes literally less than a minute to do) and it's converted in the bench seat and standing platform for the traditional Sit 'n Stand style.

Pretty much every infant carseat will snap onto the stroller, too, so you can use it with newborns. For the past month I've used it as a double stroller with the infant carseat attached and my 2 year old buckled into the backseat. For 5 months before that, I used it as a normal Sit 'n Stand stroller with my then-4-year-old and then 1-year-old. Because it transforms to a Sit 'n Stand I'll be able to use it for at least another 3 years -- when my middle child is 5 -- and won't have to buy another stroller again.

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