Dogs Nose Dry and Cracked

Updated on September 14, 2009
W.E. asks from Queen Creek, AZ
7 answers

The top of our dogs nose is dry and cracked. He is outside mostly and the groomer told us he could get a sunburn on his nose and it could turn into skin cancer. She said to put neo sporin on it daily... but I cannot get him to hold still for the life of me to apply it and then when I do git it on there he just licks it right off. I am happy to take him to a vet - but money is very tight. Any ideas? Oh I should tell you that other than that he is a happy healthy dog, he is still eating and drinking well.

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answers from Tucson on

you aren't doing him any favors by putting neosporin on it - that only dries it out more because it is a petroleum based product - I am a certified herbal consultant and if you would like to know the reasons petroleum and mineral oils are not good and/or specific herbal suggestions please feel free to contact me or check out my website:



answers from Phoenix on

Hi W. - neosporin is ok if the nore is infected but also vaseline is good to keep the moisture in and there are probably oils like tea tree that would heal it - maybe in one hand have his favorite toy or a doggie treat and have the tea tree oil and/or vaseline in the palm or tip of the other hand - have him sit for his treat and get it close to his snout then take feed him the treat while you reach up and wipe the noe/snout with the oil or vaseline - he wont even know what happened - also - google natural pet remedies or dry dog nose, etc and there are some great sites and blogs where you can get more info - also go to amazon or ebay and pick up Dr Pitcairns Natural Guide to Cat & Dog Health - a few bucks slightly used -but it wasnt even used :)and that has Great natural ideas for medical and health and food - all these things can be less than $10 and better than have him lick Neosporin off his nose - also, animals Can get skin cancer - it happened to my gma's cat and it is aweful so you can also get skin spf lotion for them or their nose - but ask online about that too -

Good luck and pls get your pet a friend or two by rescuing one from the shelter -

TOO many right now are being euthanized EVERY day - if anyone reading this would like to help with being a foster to awesome dogs or cats pls email me direct to [email protected] and I will get you in touch with rescues & rescuers ALL over AZ that would love to have your help, time, donation, love, care - anything you can offer any pet left behind :) - thnx and good luck!! S.



answers from Albuquerque on

Don't know what your dog's nose looks like but it sounds like what my dog has. He was always licking/scratching his nose or paws. Took him to the vet and turns out he has Discoid Lupus. Our dog's eyes and ears had a crust on them too. Maybe try putting a cone on the dog first (we did and his condition didn't change) can buy one cheaply at a pet store. Good luck...hope your dog is okay!



answers from Tucson on

Dogs do get sun burn... Our vet told me to put sun screen on our dogs tummy since she was getting a "tan" and also to put it on her nose and any exposed areas... The neosporan will help heal it and then you might want to think about adding some fat to his diet and some sun screen....



answers from Albuquerque on

I'd take your dog to the vet. What has happened to his nose could be simple sunburn. However, sunburn in some dogs can result in autoimmune diseases or cancers. There is also bacteria in the soil and environment that can cause disease on your dog's nose that will require antibiotic treatment. I've had all three problems with 2 of my dogs. I wouldn't risk it as the longer it goes untreated, the more expensive it's going to get.

I don't believe neosporin will do him much good. Good luck.



answers from Flagstaff on

It may be just a temporary thing. Is there any other signs? You dog may just need vitmin supplements. What do you feed him? Neosporin is kinda expensive, have you tried just petroleum jelly?



answers from Tucson on

Hi W.,

Neosporin contains petroleum products which will dry the nose out further and antibacterials which in absence of any infection, he does not need.

What the nose needs is moisture and a chance to heal. I would 1st make sure he is well hydrated. Plenty of fresh water each day and canned food hydrates as well. Then I would put fresh aloe vera on the nose from a freshly cut leaf. The plants are inexpensive and one will last a lifetime as they grow well under most contitions. I keep mine is a pot for such uses. Just cut the leaf open and scoop out some gel and place it on his nose. Aloe has healing properties for exactly the tissue you are referring to epithelial cells of the skin and the lining the nose, and digestive tract.

Place the gel on when he is relaxed and then give him something to distract him like a bone or cookie. Watch for 10-15 muinutes to discourage licking. The aloe won't hurt him if he eats it (unlike eating neosporin) but you want to let it stay on the nose a few miuntes to be absorbed.

If your dog's nose is pink, instead of black (which has more melanocytes which protect from cancer from the sun) after it heals, you might try putting on sunscreen made for the face.

Good luck!


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