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How Much to Pay Pet Sitter

That's for 2 dogs and a cat. He stays overnight, feeds twice a day, .... I have 2 cats & 2 dogs. I pay my sitter $50 a day (and our finances are very tight) ...

How Do I Stop Cats from Peeing in My Plants?

You spray it around the perimeter of your plants, and it repells both dogs and cats. I used to use it all the time, and it worked wonderfully! Good Luck. ...

Neighbor's Cats Use Our Lawn & Garden for a Catbox!!!!

Dogs are a little easier to keep track of & to identify which dog belongs to which neighbor. I am thinking maybe the previous renter had cats & these are ...

Cheap Rabies Vaccinations

I know dogs and cats are both supposed to be registered in the city, so I would think that the rabies vaccine would be available for cats, too. ...

Bullied by Cats

The problem is they think of our property as their own and it is driving us and our two small dogs mad. One of the cats has gone as far as to "mark" our ...

Cat Urine Smell!

I have heard if you throw some moth balls under your house it will keep the critters away....cats, dogs, bugs, spiders, etc. As a matter of fact I am going ...

I Want My Cats!

I have a nine month old with 2 cats, 3 dogs, and 3 goats. Luckily I have a husband that shares the responsibility of taking care of them and loving them. ...

How to remove cat urine smell on carpet?

I've had the same trouble with two cats and a dog! Since we've had our son, the pets seem to have forgotten their past good potty habits. ...

My 4 Year Old Wants a Cat, but Is Afraid to Handle It.

How does she do with other animals like the neighborhood cats/dogs?? Is she afraid of them as well? I can't offer much help, I have always had animals ...

How Do I Get My Dogs to Stop Peeing on Patio?

They make dog and cat repellents that don't hurt them, they just smell really bad. I think I saw it at Ace Hardware and it was like $6 or $7. ...
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