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Updated on September 14, 2009
A.C. asks from Tinley Park, IL
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hi everyone, so me and the hubby have decided to finaly move to a 2bdrm now i never decored our place now cuz i knew we wouldnt stay long in our 1berm since we were expecting. now our lil girl is 9 months and its time she has her own room. i wanted to start with the living room i wanted to do dark brown leather furniture with tan walls, with some red here and there and maybe a slpash of orange or green, with black shelfs and glass coffe and side table or maybe some type of wood im so confused and unsure of which colors to use so if you could plz help me that would be great and im also excepting new ideas too. im really into the contaperay and modren feels thanks a bunch!!!

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answers from Chicago on

Your idea sounds just like my living room :) I have walls that are a dark tan, Peanutbutter by Behr. (The back wall that leads to the hallway and the hallway is one shade lighter, Bagel by Behr) I have dark brown leather sofa and lazyboy type rocker. I have accents of cranberry and sage as well in wall art and throw pillows. My drapes are a dark sage color as well. I also used black accents for my side tables and picture frames. My coffee table is an oak type wood color (medium brown). It looks really nice together.

Our living room has a large sliding glass door so a lot of light shines in. It works well with the darker colors in that room, so it doesn't look too dungeon-esque :D

Good luck redecorating. Contact me privately if you'd like a picture of my living to see what it looks like.



answers from Chicago on

For the love of God do not get a glass coffee/side table with a little one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, its only a matter of time until your Angel starts getting really into your stuff. She will be pulling up on your furniture, drooling, eating, running with dirty hands all over sooner that you realize!
So, to make your place a home, get a few comfy things, don't spend too much, and be thoughtful about what will be a danger to your daughter and what she can be a danger to! Leather is a good choice b/c you can just wipe it off, but glass is bad b/c she can throw a toy and shatter it, or worse, fall onto it and shatter it. Shelves are nice, but get ones you can mount on the wall to showcase your things.
Buy inexpensive throw pillows to dress stuff up until your family is a bit older!

I had to trash a 3500.00 sectional sofa I bought right before we had kids b/c my boys trashed it! I have leather now and an ottoman instead of a coffee table!!!!

Oh yeah, your color choices sound great! We have some really nice sage/brown/red/orange throw pillows we bought at target and 2 blanket throws we use to dress up our dark brown leather furniture. Didn't cost much, so when the jelly hands go on them, I'm not too upset! Might take you a few tries to get exactly what you're looking for, but it really sounds like you know what you like!
Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

Sounds like my family room! (except the "green walls" are adjacent in my kitchen). Sounds lovely. Maybe one wall of red (either brick or rust - I tend to go with reds with a brown undertone - like the "chili pepper" color of a Behr Paint or Benjamin Moore). I have 3 medium, cooler beige walls and, for a ceiling, using an "almond creme" (Behr) for a ceiling (which is just a creamy/beige-y white). It's my favorite off-white. It's a great, warm look. Even doing a "faux finish" on the red wall (DARK brown with a deep purple undertone) sponge painting on a chili wall) will be stunning and will give it the illusion of a "leather red look".This took me a couple different paints to find the right paint to sponge ( or buy a "woolie" at Home depot and use that as your sponge. I love using a Woolie.) Looks great. And, to thin the paint, you don't have to by a glaze (some people will insist that you need to buy a glaze - I never do) , just thin the paint with water, and work in a 3'x 3' area.

Black shelves, expresso color shelves or black wrought iron are great accents. Orange and green (more of a muted "thistle green - Behr paint) looks very nice.

You're doing great. If you don't like your colors, don't be afraid to paint over. Sometimes I just don't get it right. It happens. Don't be intimidated. You sound very creative!



answers from Chicago on

I think what you have planned sounds great. However, I would give you one suggestion as one mom to another...skip the glass tables. I have a glass coffee table, not by choice (long story) and it's always smudged with little hand prints. So you will be constantly having to spray it down unless you want the cloudy coffee/side table look (And it sounds as though you are going to be very busy soon) With your earth tones (browns, tans and greens) perhaps wood or a leather ottoman used as a coffee table would work better.

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