Emerald Green Carpeting

Updated on May 17, 2009
K.K. asks from Erie, PA
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What color schemes (walls, couches, accent colors) can i use in a room with emerald green plush carpeting? Burgandy??

are there any websites or message boards for this type of question??
Thank you so much.

WOw, Ladies, I really appreciate the response, especially over a weekend.

I'll add a bit more to my question and see if anyone can help further. We need to buy a new couch and love seat, but the brown sofas that i am seeing in the store, almost have a yellowy undertone to them that i think will look like baby poo in a room with this carpet. Where can i get help on finding the right couch? Hubby said no to leather or the microfiber suede.
And for the record, i like earthtones so the thought of doing this room in jewels is making me cringe. How can i make it look like 2009 not 1989?
Thanks for any furthur imput.

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answers from Reading on

The green sounds like a strong color. I'd probably stick with neutrals, beiges and browns. Then accent with some related shades of green (sofa pillows, candles, frames, blankets, plants are a good idea = green, etc.)

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi K.,

I'm an interior designer with a specialty in color. When it comes to choosing colors, it depends. How much natural light is in the room? How dark do you want the room?

And you are right about the undertones of many fabrics. Choosing color is very technical and scientific, actually, because there is so much to consider.

So, because this is what I do, my first recommendation is to allow me or someone in your area, come out and do a color analysis. It is SO worth your money to have a trained professional come out and show you your options. I do this often for paint contractors and homeowners who just don't want to make a mistake.

The other thing is that colors effect each other, so when you place a color next to another color, it may change the way it looks. That is why sometimes when you pick a paint in the store, and then get it up on the wall, it doesn't look any thing like you thought. Then your options are either to live with it anyway or paint it over. I eliminate that problem with my color consult.

The first thing I would do is "measure" the color of your carpet to see what the true color is. Green can be either true green, blue-green, or yellow-green. Depending on its undertone, saturation, hue, value, orientation, etc, there are lots of variables to consider.

However, if you are working with a true green color, you can do a split-complimentary color scheme which is green-red orange-red violet. Be careful of this because it can look very 1990's. You can also go for a triad color scheme which is green-orange-violet. Two options of tetrad color schemes using green are green-blue violet - red - yellow orange or green-yellow-red-violet.

Lastly, all of these colors come in lots of saturations, so you don't necessarily have to use the pure versions of each of these colors. If your colors have more black added to it, you can get a nice neutral color that is actually a yellow, or nice gray that is actually a violet, etc.

I don't want to be a salesperson here, but you can look at my website at www.transformationsbylori.com. I don't know where you live, so I might be too far away for you, but I can help you find someone in your area if you'd like to email me.

Hope that helps a little,

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answers from Lancaster on

A nice cream color on the walls and burgandy accents in pieces would look nice. Sometimes stores like Lowes have color swatches made up of three different colors for this purpose.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi K.
What I would do is go to the fabric store and find a pattern that you like that uses your carpet color in it. (Joann Fabric always has excellent sales on fabrics)Then, depending on your budget, have some drapery made. If you are not able to do this have accent pillows made. this will be your "anchor" fabric. You can then add another fabric that has the colors of the first but in a more neutral pattern. Then take the lightest color from these fabrics for your wall color.

Personally I would look for a modern, graphic floral with a great salmon or coral with some tan incorporated. Check out Pottery Barn "Serafina"-this pattern is kind of what I am thinking. I would make my walls a neutral beige-y/off white color.

Burgundy is OK but you have to watch because it can look dated with emerald. This was a popular combo in the 80's.

I would go with a neutral furniture in tan/beige.



answers from Philadelphia on

you could go with a lite green...sage maybe



answers from Pittsburgh on

HI K.,
Tough one. If I had a room with emerald green carpeting, I would pick a beige/cream for the walls and use the opposite color on the standard color wheel for accents on the components like pillows, bedding, curtains, etc.....I believe if you look on a color wheel--the opposite will be a deep burgundy/maroon.......You could also add gold for a third color.



answers from Allentown on

hi K.,
great bold regal[ jewel tones] carpet. now that this is in place ... work around this : *********
this carpet is now your ' art canvas' .....
take [ anything] 4x4 in your emerald color rug swatch to deco stores [ home depot etc][ the paint dept. has tons of swatches.. just play w/colors]
now the complimentary colors to jeweltone greens
tahhh dahhhh=* pale lilac [ walls , pillows]* gold hardware [ NOT silver ] ,now all other jewel tones match too .... use as accents [ a candle , a plate, a vase,dishes] such as; *cats eye Yellow/gold,* Royal blues,**velvet burgandy [ think kings robe],
ohhh ; you can have sooooo much fun .
you also m-u-s-t- decide the look you want ?choose one below::::::::
-simple ellecance
-eye pop'n
-library like [ that would be the burgandy wall look]
= young family look'n [ on a budget][ that would be fun]
= classic
and of course ; every shade of the beige/tan/coffeee/ color family !!!!!!!!!!!
' I see in color'



answers from Williamsport on

In my opinion, there's two ways you can go--rich/dark, or try to lighten things up a bit. Either way, keep the burgundy for accents--pillows, pillow trim, piping on slipcovers, that sort of thing--and stick with warm, wood-based colors. One or two burgundy pieces could be nice, but keep in mind you may not want to decorate in "Late Bordello" regardless of color scheme! I'd think that either a wood or brass for accents--edges of the table (or brass & glass?) or lighting detail--would look nice, too.

If you decide to go rich/dark, for example, you could use dark brown with burgundy and emerald accents for your color scheme. Get furniture that features a nice, dark wood, or paneling for the walls. If, however, you wanted to lighten things up a bit, stay away from the darker woods and go with a nice beige-y color scheme--maybe a wallpaper that features an emerald accent on a beige background, with other colors (perhaps the burgundy again) that you can use for accents in the room.

Either way, if for example you find a printed fabric that has an emerald green in the print, use it for whatever it suits--drapes, slipcovers, upholstery--and pull other accents from the other colors in the print. (The wallpaper thing brought about this idea--I've seen some nice window treatments in both dark and lighter color schemes, too.) Let's say, for example, you find a couch with a printed fabric that features a lush, jungle-inspired design, full of greenery, printed on a beigey background. Although it's a little weird-looking, it's VERY comfortable. BUY IT, then pull your wall and other colors from the print--perhaps a beige for the walls, another green from the couch for the recliner, a bamboo or brass for the tables.

Whatever you do, have fun. This kind of thing is the best part of furnishing a home! I'm not a professional decorator or anything, but I've been told I have a good eye for colors. You also should keep practicality in mind--for example, if you have dark-furred pets, perhaps a beige sofa isn't such a great idea. Good luck with your project!


answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi K.. Emerald green...beautiful and shows every bit of lint I'll guess. You can put just about any color with a deep grean from tans, white, red, burgandy, and deep browns. I get lots of color combination ideas from the room color combination pamplets they have at the paint centers at lowes and home depot. Have fun with the color! Best wishes.



answers from Philadelphia on

My neighbor has the same color carpet and she did her walls gray, I think it looks really nice.


answers from Allentown on

Hi K.,

Go to the Paint store and look at paint chips they have.

See what you like.

If it were me, I would look at off white or light blue and sprinkle in emerald green and/or burgandy.

Go to a fabric store and compare colors as well.

It will be fun exploring the different colors.

Have fun. D.



answers from Harrisburg on

That's a pretty deep and dark color. I'd use plenty of cream colors to lighten it up and then accent with cocoa.

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