Cloth Training Pants / Pull-ups

Updated on January 02, 2011
M.R. asks from Berrien Springs, MI
13 answers

What's your favorite cloth training pant brand? Why?

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answers from Dallas on

It depends on how long you want it to take, for potty training. Pull-ups don't allow the child to feel wet. Therefore, it takes WAY longer for them to realize they need to tell you. With cloth, they feel wet and react more quickly. Cloth trainers are no less easy to pull down then plastic.

Just in my honest opinion...drawing out the process, just so it's "more convenient" for you can be really confusing for them.

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answers from Eugene on

Cold turkey!! Nothing!!! With pull-ups they think they have a diaper on and it is okay to go in it.

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answers from Dallas on

I didn't use training pants. Went straight to underwear. At night I would put poise pads in my daughter's panties and would layer her sheets 6 layers thick with sheets and waterproof changing pads. It took her 3 days to pee pee train, 3 weeks to poop train, and 1 month to night train at 31 months.

Pull ups are just more expensive diapers. Training pants don't really allow the child to feel the action. If you do want to go this route, a friend of mine loved the Hanna Anderson ones because they were thicker and fit better for her little boy.

Good Luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

My first child was born in 1984 and we had to use cloth training for her and her sister. By the time my 3rd was 3, in 1993, I was ecstatic! She could pull them on and off, I didn't have to worry about accidents leaking out. I could be relaxed with her and let her train in her own time. We could live our life on the go without having to worry about running to every bathroom out there, dirty bathrooms to boot. There's plenty of time for a child's bladder to mature enough to hold it. I don't want urine leaking in the car seats. It's just entirely better.

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answers from Johnstown on

Don't use pull-ups. The kids figure out that they're a glorified diaper and will treat them as such. If you want results--go for real underwear right off the bat. Yes, you may have a mess or few to clean up for a few days, but it's much cheaper with faster and better results in the long run.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I used cloth training pants (Gerber brand because that's what I found). It made accidents a little more manageable. I tried just using underwear with plastic pants once and ended up getting covered in urine as I walked up to take communion at church because my son had an accident and when I picked him up it caused the plastic pant to leak and soaked me. Very gross and embarrassing. So, we used training pants for a little while until he wasn't having accidents. I had two pair of combined training pants and plastic pants and I didn't like them as I couldn't wash or reuse one part without having to do the whole thing. I also started off using cloth diapers (which is what we used before training pants) for sleep until he was staying dry consistently to cut down on the mess. Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Skip straight to real underwear. They will consider all training pants 'diapers' and ok to pee in. (plan not to go very far from home for 3-4 days)


answers from Spokane on

That's a big one. I like cloth because it cheaper and less junk in the land fill. However, the cons are having to wash them everyday or however long depending on how many you have (and making sure you remember to do so) and if they're frequent wetters at night the cloth not only reeks in the morning, they may have also leaked. Also, they may half wake up at night, not like the wet feel against their skin, throw it in the corner, go back to sleep and wet their bed anyway. (Yes, I have experience with this!) My 5 yo daughter has a weak bladder and while the doc is helping her with this, she still wears her cloth pullups at night. Every once in a while, she'll form a rash so we keep disposables on hand to put on her until she clears up. I don't mean to discourage you. There are pros and cons in both instances. You could try I've gotten a lot of my supplies there.



answers from Wichita on

we use/used huggies overnights for nighttime, but cloth for daytime.



answers from San Diego on

Gerber cloth. We didn't tell our 2yr old they were "trainers" we just called them pretty panties. They are thick enough to keep a little leak from being a problem. We bought a few 3-packs and used them for a year (not b/c of accidents--she trained quick--just used them as regular panties) and they held up and washed well.

We tried 2 pull-ups--she just peed in them--I don't get pull-ups they are just diapers that are harder to put on/off. Never touched pull-ups again. Used diapers at night until night trained.



answers from Detroit on

No training pants, just regular unders. Dry at night. No pull-ups. Cold Turkey.



answers from Houston on

cloth training pants they can actually feel when they pee. pull ups they ignore it. :)



answers from Nashville on

I'm using the gerber cloth training pants in conjunction with pull-ups (kroger brand). to be honest, I hate pull-ups. I think they're a glorified diaper, but even getting my 2 1/2 year interested has been 2 steps forward 2 steps back for us. I tried going to the cloth training pants in lieu of diaper or pull-up and it was an abysmal failure. He freaked out when he wet himself. So we took a break from potty training. Then he started to want to use the big potty...until he fell in...twice. From that point forward until I bought pull-ups he not only showed no interest, he would totally freak out if I even mentioned it. Now I can get him to wear his training pants for a few hours at a shot, as well as get him to sit on either his little potty or the toilet (with a training seat). All in all, I think the gerber pants are great and would try to stay away from pull-ups. But if your child needs a bit of a crutch to get him/her going then there's no harm in using them.


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