Updated on August 23, 2011
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Ladies -

Any suggestions on how to effectively diaper my runaway 10 month old? He's very active and very spirited. He rolled over at 2 weeks, scooted at 5 month, army crawled at 7, crawled really fast at 8, and has been standing, pulling up and cruising for the past 2 months.

Diapering has been a real challenge. I don't trust using the changing pad on the dresser. Changing on the floor has been no joy either. He rolls over and races away. He's really fond too of climbing on the sofa bare bottomed, and giving our upholstery a "wash" or a "smear."

Any suggestions? We've tried distracting him with a mobile, singing a song, handing him a toy, or giving him a bottle. We've joked about improvising a straight jacket. You guys must have some ideas.


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So What Happened?

I am trying an alternative pin down method. Baby and I are bothon the floor. his messy end towards me. I place my right leg crosswise over his body so my heel is near his left ear. Been a handful of changes so far. He doesn't much like it, but it keeps him put. I think if I keep this up consistently, he might just relent.

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Change him standing up.
Takes a little practice to get the hang of it. Then it's a no brainer.
It's the only way we could change my son at that stage.

(Also makes it a LOT easier to change them in public, when you don't have to find one of those tables.)

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answers from Cleveland on

be quick! we always changed our daughter on the floor or couch and had everything ready to go before getting started. (Wipes out, diaper open, diaper cream open) and then open the diaper wipe down throw cream on if needed and close the diaper

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answers from Minneapolis on

Have you seen the new Huggies? That has been our answer, although there really is no answer when it's a #2, you just have to distract and pin him down. The new Huggies work just like a Pull Up with the side velcro. They cost a little bit more but are convenient!

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answers from Austin on

Yep they are so strong and you do not want to hurt them. but you just have to rassel (wrestle) em like hogs.

The best place is the floor of his room with his door closed.. Have everything ready, diaper, wipes, whatever you will need. Place him between your legs tight.. give him a toy or 2. and try to hold him there as you change him..

What needs to be invented are changing tables with car buckles on them.. not those useless straps.

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answers from San Francisco on

If you've got a poopy diaper and distractions like toys and singing have failed and discipline has failed (yep, I got to this point) You can lay him on the floor and use your feet to pin him down by the shoulders while you change him. Ideally you want to swoop in and surprise him with the change so you catch him off guard and he has less time to mount a defense. Definitely have everything ready so you can be quick.

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My son was exactly like that at that age. It was difficult to hold him down for one minute to change diapers. And then one fine day ( i think he was 10/11 months old) all of a sudden he stopped giving M. a hard time. He calmed down and was relaxed during diaper changes. I don't know what made him do that , his nanny also noticed it and mentioned it to M.. I hope your son does this too.
The times my son fights M. , I had over something to play with , mostly something which he can open close or bend etc. At 10 months I think he must be bored just holding rattles, try giving some small toy that has buttons,lights etc or small peekaboo books. He will be distracted couple minutes figuring it out or using it and you diaper him fast.
Also, there were times when I would strenly tell 'No' and hold him tight not letting him roll over.He would stare at M. and I would stare back repeating 'No'. I don't think he understood what I said but the tone of my voice and the fact that I stopped him from rolling over made him stop , look at M. and cry. I just got a short time here and I quickly changed him.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I believe at about this age we started the Standing Up Diaper Changes.

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answers from St. Louis on

Gah, I know my boys did that but if I remember it didn't last long. I think I would hold him down with my left arm and did everything with the right. I think once he accepted he couldn't get loose he tried some new way to get my goat.

Isn't time wonderful, you forget all these little trials.



answers from Dallas on

I got really good at changing my kids while they were standing up. I could kind of hover over them to keep them in a radius of me while I got old one off, wipe, desitin and clean one on. The really poopy ones, I had to stand them in the bathtub to contain them. I just didn't want the hassle of the accidental "smear."
good luck!


answers from Dallas on

I have the same problem with my DD who is 13 months. I started consistently saying "Be Still" over and over so she'll start to understand what that means. When I sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" she'll usually stop what she's doing to start performing the hand motions (it's strangely calming to her). She's gotten better. All I can say is it's a phase-- a VERY exhausting phase.



answers from Detroit on

Lay the little darling down on the floor, head on your left, feet to your right. put your leg over his midsection, heel on the floor, knee bent, just enough to trap him under there, so that his body is under your knee. this way, you can pin him down, and it is hard for him to move, but you will not hurt him at all. you also have easy access to his bottom! also keeps hands out of the diaper while changing. switch it if you are left handed.



answers from Philadelphia on

Standing up. Practice makes perfect.



answers from New York on

saw a tv ad for new pull up diapers for baby like yours check it out



answers from Dallas on

My friend got something that actually strapped her son down on to the changing table. I never had this problem, so I don't know what it is. Also, Huggies is advertising a slip on diaper. I don't know how effective it is, but it looks like it works like a pull-up.



answers from New York on

After having 2 kids who won't sit still for diaper changes, I am really grateful that commercial diaper companies have caught on.
Huggies now makes slip-on diapers and they are awesome!!!
Save yourself all that extra work and buy a case!

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