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Updated on July 02, 2011
N.C. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I am due in August with my third. My son just turned 2. I still carry a small bag for him, but am having trouble finding a bag that would work good for both the new baby, and my toddler. I dont mind spending a decent amount if it is a good bag that will last. I just dont want to carry around something that I am going to have to empty anytime I will need something. Anyone have any recommendations? Thank you!

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So What Happened?

THank you everyone for the responses! A backpack never crossed my mind. My husband travels for work so I always have the kids alone and that would help. I must admit, I am an over packer:)

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answers from Denver on

I like the jeep backpacks.

my girls are 18 months apart- I carried a "for two" diaper bag for a
bit. It was never bad, though. I am a bit of a minimalist, though.

diapers- wipes- just enough food- nothing else

best wishes!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I LOVE my dwell studio diaper bag. Pockets for everything. and it has lots of space.



answers from Honolulu on

I never had to carry much for my daughter (the older child) when she was a toddler and I had my 2nd child.

I just stuffed everything in a Tote/purse thing. In other words, my Purse is a Tote.

And on the baby stroller, I had a stroller bag. It attaches to the stroller. Thus you do not have to 'carry' a diaper bag, on your shoulders.
I just left the stroller bag on the stroller at all times, even when at home. And I just kept its contents current. Stocked at all times, with basic necessities.
And I had a small insulated bag, for the ice-pack and milk bottles etc.

I mean, why carry a diaper bag, ON you.... when a stroller can carry it for you.

I was a minimalist, per diaper bags and my kids.
Only carried the basic needs. It was fine.
Then IN my van... I have back-up items and re-stocking items.
Therefore, I did NOT have to carry everything nor every single thing nor the kitchen sink... in a diaper bag.

all the best,



answers from Kansas City on

Check out www.diaperbag.com they have a ton of variety in all different price ranges. I got one from there (Skip Hop brand) and I really like it. It's modern and cute plus really useful with tons of pockets. I can see myself using this in the future for vacations on airplanes or car trips b/c it doesn't look diaper-ey and it organizes things well!



answers from Dallas on

I've been using a Baby Sherpa. I like the separate snack area on the bottom.




answers from Tucson on

we used a backpack as a diaper bag, worked great!



answers from San Francisco on

I've actually ended up using a backpack. I had items for my 1.5 yr old and newborn. Plus..my hands were free.


answers from Dallas on

I used a bigger bag with a large center section and several pockets/holders on the outside. It made it easy to grab what I needed. It was a bit larger than I would have ideally wanted, but considering that it was for two kids, it had to be bigger! Mine was cheap and from Target or Walmart.



answers from Dallas on

I used a plain old book bag/back pack. It worked great for two and I could just put it on my back and have my hands free. Good luck!



answers from New York on

Skip hop makes a diaper bag for 2. Its called the Diaper Duo if I'm not mistaken. Skip hop makes GREAT bags too. They can thin, but can expand really big to fit whatever you need. And they strap onto the back of the stroller. Highly recommend.



answers from Dallas on

Clearly you've already gotten this answer, but I was also going to say - a backpack! You need your hands free. It will make all the difference in the world. When I had my second (my first was age two at the time), all I really needed was my backpack and my double stroller and I could handle anything!




answers from Springfield on

I use a backpack that has water bottle holders on the sides. So much better than a diaper bag that is more the messenger bag style. I have both hands free and don't have to worry about it sliding off my shoulder. Also, I can keep a drink for each child and don't have a problem with it leaking onto the diapers or clothes or anything. Mine also has an extra pocket and a mesh pocket in the front. Love it!



answers from Norfolk on

I have three in diapers and I carry a backpack with many pockets and compartments instead of a diaper bag or purse. "Diaper bags" have a ridiculous markup.... shop where students shop and get a good backpack. When your arms are full taking care of children, you'll be happy to have the backpack over both shoulders. It's better for your back, too.

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