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Updated on July 25, 2011
J.R. asks from Portland, OR
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I'm due any day with my second daughter. It's just beginning to dawn on me that I'm going to have to carry WAY more gear again, plus have a couple of diapers around for my two year old as well. I had gotten quite happy with my little backpack purse that I could stuff a couple supplies into and hit the road. But add in a nursing cover, burp cloth, more diapers, etc and that's not going to fit into my bag at all! But, I really want to stick with the back pack form factor. I have a traditional diaper bag and hate how it falls off my shoulder and leaves me feeling like I still only have one arm. So, do you have any brand/model recommendations for me for diaper backpacks? I've been eye-ing the Diaper Dude Dudepack (I like the dragon), so it doesn't have to be completely feminine. Heck, it's a backpack! But, spending over $100 on a brand I've never tested doesn't settle well with the hubby. What about Ju Ju Be or DadGear? Are they any good? Your suggestions are appreciated!!!

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So What Happened?

I'm going to try the overwhelmingly popular suggestion of using a regular backpack. Although I'm not thrilled (they are usually a bit too big for what I want), it does have the advantage of being a much cheaper First Solution. I have a great Swiss Army backpack that I used for my laptop back when I was working. I'll give that a shot and see if/where it doesn't meet my needs. Thank you ladies!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Dude, I'd just get a regular backpack. That's what I use. We got one for $3.99 at Walgreens and it's great.
For the regular stuff, (diapers, pull-ups, extra clothes, snacks, and her blankie) we use the backpack. For overnights, I just toss her stuffies and quilt in a large tote and we're good to go!

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answers from Fresno on

I had the same situation 2 years ago and I bought a petunia piclebottom backpack diaper bag and it as worth every penny. You will pay over $100 dollars for it since it's a designer bag, but you can sell it later. Mine still looks brand new after 2 years.



answers from Seattle on

We use a black backpack by Baby Innovations - I think we got it at Toys R Us for about $35. It has all the pockets and wing-dings we can use, plus a few extras.


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answers from Atlanta on

I love Ju Ju Be and have quite a few. My go to bag now with so many little ones is the BFF, which is back pack style. I don't have the packabe or BRB to comment personally on them, but they are also very popular. If you go into the pink room on the website, you can usually get a good deal on one that was used previously - and every preowned one I have bought has been in like new condition.



answers from Seattle on

I have two-year-old twins and a four-year-old. All three were in diapers until a year ago. We bought the Dad Gear backpack just before hte twins were born and have loved, loved, loved it. I don't use the wipes compartment as much anymore - just too lazy to fill it and it didn't hold enough for long trips - but otherwise I have absolutely no complaints with it. I just did a trip with all three kids on my own on a five-hour plane ride from Canada to US, so through customs, security, etc., and I couldn't have asked for a better backpack/diaper bag. I was able to attach it to the back of the stroller with the ropes that come out of the bottle compartments so that I could put my four-year-old on my back with my Ergo and it worked beautifully. I was afraid the straps would break as I had it stuffed full of necessities for the plane ride, but they held up no problems! It was the best $90 we ever spent!



answers from Jacksonville on

Why not just get an actual backpack? Most have some sort of side pockets now that a bottle would fit in and plenty of compartments.....No sense in buying something labeled "diaper backpack" if you can find what you need elsewhere. Baby stuff is priced outrageously because the companies know they can charge that amount simply because they call it "baby gear." My diaper bag came from the Disney Store on clearance for 7 bucks. It's a simple tote bag that has what I need to suffice a trip out. My husband wanted something more manly so he went with a mini duffle bag that had the Chicago Cubs emblem on it. He paid 15 bucks for that. Neither were really considered "diaper bags" or for babies, but both had what we needed/wanted and didn't end up costing us an arm and leg. :)



answers from New York on

I saw one on the Lands End site but have not tried it. I think a regular backpack would work too. I have 2 kids and for all day outings I do a regular diaper bag and a second bag with more stuff (like extra changes of clothes) in the car if I need it.


answers from Seattle on

I just use a regular school backpack. My wallet fits in one pocket and keys in another, coupons, calendar, etc in a third. Then inside I have the changes of clothes, diaper & wipes, nursing cover, etc. I've always breastfed, so bottles and formula weren't in the picture. But I've never felt a need to spend insane amounts of money on a different configuration of space. If you do want a certain one, check Craigslist and consignment stores because I'm always seeing fancy bags at my shop for 1/3 the price they are new.



answers from Portland on

I use the Ergo baby carrier and the ergo backpack the total cost is around around $150 but it is a completely hands free system. It even has room to fit the carrier in it and all of my baby stuff. I have used it with twins and then when we added our third to it! It was so well worth the cost and my hubby liked it so much we bought a second ergo for him.



answers from Seattle on

For several vacation trips used a (not-baby) Jansport 3-compartment backpack that was really great. there were also zippered pouches and some internal pockets and hooks that held everything in it's place. i considered switching to it permanently but usually prefer to travel light and that was more than i wanted around town.
Now that you will need space for two you might want to look at regular backpacks- it could add a lot of options and decent prices.



answers from Portland on

I got one at babies r us called baby innovations. Under $40 and I love it!



answers from Seattle on

I just used a normal backpack. REI, I think. On sale for about $25. I still use it for stuff almost 10 years later.

Same as Amber, my trunk was a "keeper of everything". Box of diapers. Box of wipes. Crate of milkboxes (like juice boxes, but milk that didn't need refridgeration). Can of formula. Snacks. Clothes for all seasons (swim to snow). Spare change of clothes for me. A sleeping bag. Med kit. Stroller. Ziplock bags (for used diapers, potty train fail clothes, Roll of paper towels. Sunscreen. Etc. AKA my portable house.

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