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Updated on July 08, 2009
L.M. asks from Nampa, ID
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Hi there, all you imaginative mommies! My wonderful hubby and two co-workers are in charge of the children's games/activities/competitions for the company picnic in August. We have children ranging from 1yr. to 17 yrs. We already have some ideas. These include: Water Balloon chin pass, Egg on Spoon Races, Water Guns, Tug-o-War, Horseshoes, to name a few. We are having it up at a lake where there are other activities like para sailing, golf, volleyball, horseshoes and the like. However, we usually have some fun things for the younger kids to have fun doing. There will be some prizes, and the company is paying for the supplies, so not too much of a concern there. Many families will be camping one or two nights and the kids are mostly between the ages of 4 and 10/11 yrs. old. If any of you have any good ideas, I'd love to hear them!!! Thanks in advance!

L. M

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Eating contests? Most watermelon seeds, plate of whip cream, etc.
My girl scout loves to play 'chubby bunnies'-each person puts one marshamllow in her mouth and says chubby bunny. Conitinue adding marshmallows and speaking to see who can fit the most. This should be done with older kids.

Another one was a form of hot potato. Wrap a small prize in a brown bag.Put it another bag and write a silly task on the outside. Add another bag and another silly task. Use as many bags as you like. Tasks can include singing your ABC's, sommersaults, tell a joke. Play music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bag removes the previous bag and does what it says. The person who gets the bag lasts keeps the prize.

Go to They have so many game ideas! Like the above mentioned games.

****another idea****

Newspaper fashions. Provide kids or grown ups with newspapers, tape, scissors and rope along with any nature items they find. Each team makes some sort of outfit using these items. The design must be able to come on and off. Have a fashion show at the end and pick the winner by applause.

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Ok I am just going to type a list for you: tent pitching race, sleeping bag (instead of potato sacks) races, longest cast (fishing rods and lures), hide and seek (hide a few symbolic items and blue bouncy balls around the lake and spit into red team and blue teams and 1st back with all items wins. Lets make a deal type see who camps with crazy stuff: if your wearing a head band, if you brought your own toilet ppr, gummy bears, snow ski equip, the most family photos in wallet, just think of crazy funny stuff, whoever has the craziest items wins (space bags, or something just as silly)



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I always loved camping and doing scavenger hunts with stuff either that could be found at campsites or in nature. You can ask the families to participate by giving them a list of what hunters will be looking for and then, give them a time limit with the end being a BBQ or mealtime. Keeps the kids busy (with adult supervision) while others get meals ready. Also you can pair the kids according to age range and have them help the younger kids.

Have fun!



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What about deal or no deal??

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