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Penicillin Allergy

My 16 year old has a penicillin allergy that we found out about when she was a baby. .... breastfeeding and amoxicillin · allergy medicine and breastfeeding ...

Claritin or Zyrtec for Pregnancy and 3 Year Old?

Apr 22, 2009 ... I thought no allergy meds were safe during pregnancy, ... Allergy Medicine for a 5 Year Old Boy ... Allergy Meds While Pregnant ...

Help Me with My Allergy Please

Works great! Again for me! I know Benadryl works for some people, just not me. Try different Allergy medicines until you find one that works for you. ...

Advice on Giving Daily Allergy Meds to 2-1/2 y.o.

Did you speak to your pediatrician about allergy medicine? If your daughter has a post-nasal drip, you should try saline nose drops or sprays. ...

Milk Allergy

My son is 3 and was diagnosed at age 1 with a milk allergy..." ... There are things that can be done that traditional western medicine generally does not ...

Food Allergy Symptoms

Is this a symptom of a food allergy? Her big sister had a cow's milk allergy as an infant .... breastfeeding and allergy medicine · breastfeeding spicy food ...

Allergy Testing in a 1 Year Old

When I took her to school today her teacher asked if I had considered allergy testing just to make verify allergies so I'm not giving her medicine ...

Possible Cat Allergy?

The allergens may be spiking during the cat's heat. Does this cat spend more time in his ... allergy medicine · cat health · dry cat food · dogs heat ...

How Is Wheat Allergy Diagnosed?

One of my daycare kids has a wheat allergy so we had to do the two week test. ... brewer's yeast · baby addicts · allergy medicine pregnancy · apple allergy ...

Behavior Problems with Allergy/Asthma Medicine

Read all 30 responses: "I have a 4 year old boy whom has mild allergies and reactive airway syndrome. We have have recently decided to try medicines ...
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  • recommend a neti pot in 2 answers "I'd also recommend a Neti pot. Walgreens sells Sinucleanse neti pots in their allergy ..."
  • gluten free products in 2 answers "... of the grocery store and they have little tags by all the gluten free products ..."
  • milk protein allergy in 2 answers "In fact, my baby had a milk protein allergy AND reflux."
  • diagnosed with a blood test in 2 answers "Celiac Disease is diagnosed with a blood test after age 1."
  • allergic to penicillin in 3 answers "Hi K., You might also think this is interesting: I am allergic to penicillin."