Christmas Gift for a 17 Year Old

Updated on November 22, 2010
M.C. asks from Holmen, WI
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I need help thinking of a Christmas gift for a 17 year old girl for Christmas. I was married to this girls father 5 years ago. We're now divorced, but I still keep in touch with her and she comes and visits me a couple of times a year. Sadly, her and her dad no longer have any contact. So, she used to be my step daughter and we used to be pretty close. But, since I divorced her father, I don't know her as well and I don't know what she likes as much. I've asked her for ideas for Christmas and all she can come up with is a laptop ( I can't afford) or gas gift cards (I don't really want to do that. I don't really think that's a gift.) Any ideas? What do other 17 year old girls want?

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answers from Kansas City on

What about if you took her to lunch/dinner and then gave her a small gift (gift certificate, pajamas, or bath and body works stuff). She might appreciate some time with an adult who cares about her.

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answers from Glens Falls on

UGGS's boots, if you want to spend that much, are still very popular. GAP is a safe bet to buy a sweater or scarf. A Sephora gift card. I'm glad you keep in touch with her!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I say a gift certificate to a place she likes to shop our iTunes so she can get music.

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answers from New York on

If she has a car maybe a car emergency kit, a AAA membership, or something else for her car?
Usually girls that age like clothes but like to pick their own so a gift cert to a mall or clothing place,
jewelry IF you think you know her tastes
Is she headed for college? a book about studying in college, picking the right college, how to survive freshmen year of college....

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answers from New York on

Does she have an iPod? you can get them for pretty cheap now.

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answers from Raleigh on

What about a gift card to a store she shops at? Target, Gap, Old Navy, Hollister, Abercrombie, Bath and Body Works, etc. That would be slightly better than a gas card, but still allow her to get what she wants.

Is she "into" jewelry? Maybe a Pandora bracelet with a charm or two. You could find ones that have meaning for the two of you (or ones you think she would like). If she hates them, she could always exchange them. They are absolutely gorgeous and VERY trendy.

Finally, what about a Vera Bradley bag? They are still quite trendy here, they last forever, and it is practical (she could use it at school, activities, travel, etc.). Again, this is kind of taste specific, but if she didn't like the pattern, most stores will allow you to exchange without a receipt for a different pattern.

Hope this helps!

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answers from San Francisco on

Does she like to get manicures and pedicures? If you have the time, you two could go to lunch and then both of you get manicures & pedicures. Or go to lunch and take her to her favorite store to pick out something together. The main point would be the time you spend together.

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