What to Get Boyfriend's Daughters for Bday

Updated on November 20, 2014
M.P. asks from Oklee, MN
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Hello hello mamas!
I'm with an absolutely wonderful man. Been together 7 ms, both single full time parents. I have a 6 yr old boy and his two girls will be 14 & 16 in a couple of weeks. We have a lot of good framily time, lol, and me & the girls get along good.
I don't have teens or girls and have no idea what to get them. The younger one is kinda girly girl, likes popular stuff, the older one cares nothing about what's popular, kinda a bookworm...
My first thought is $25 gift card....but kinda impersonal.
Do y'all have any ideas??? I'm not trying to win them over but I care about them and love them and their dad so I'd like it to be a nice gift

Any thoughts in that price range? Approx $30....
I thought about mani/pedi for young one but older one would HATE that lol. Thank you! :)

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answers from Washington DC on

it's okay to be 'kinda impersonal' at this point. the relationship is so new that you don't want to tip over into TOO personal.
so a gift card for a mani/pedi for the younger and a bookstore for the older would work.
but like you, i don't really love gift cards. i do appreciate their practicality, and know that lots of people love getting them. but it boils down to people sitting down and swapping money. i find 'em perfect for VERY impersonal gifts, such as teachers or housekeepers or the paper delivery guy, but not for someone with whom i interact.
would a shopping trip and lunch work? or dinner and a movie?
if not, then i think i'd go with a gift card, but not the same one for both girls.

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answers from San Francisco on

Take them out separatey - younger out for mani/pedi and take the older one to Barnes & Noble to pick out a new book or two. Do lunch with each and make it an afternoon.

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answers from New York on

Something impersonal would be the correct gift. A gift card for movie tickets and refreshments, gift card to a store they like, restaurant certificate would be great. Stay away from jewelry and clothes since those are kind of personal.

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answers from Norfolk on

If you and your boyfriend have only been together 7 months, it might be too soon for personal gifts for the kids.
Too personal too soon could cause some friction.
Teens are tough enough as it is - some teen girls are downright impossible.
I remember bursting into tears one Christmas over a sweater my Mom got me (she thought it was cool - I thought it was hideous - I know she tried so hard and I felt so ungrateful) - and I was absolutely EASY GOING compared to my sister.

Gift cards are always the right size and the right color.
No one EVER returned a gift card - and they can choose exactly what they want.
Don't over think this.

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answers from Boston on

Having had experience with my dad and his many girlfriends, I will say that I would be rather uncomfortable with personal gifts at this point. I'd get gift cards to the movies or clothing store and some candy or lip gloss. They appreciate it.

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answers from Washington DC on

Since you have only been together 7 months, a gift card may be very appropriate. My SD always liked being able to buy with cards from her favorite stores.

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answers from Washington DC on

Okay - if you have a good relationship with them - why not go with what you know?

You have a girly-girl? Does she like hair stuff?? If you have a Mall near you? Claire's and go into that store and get a ton of girly-girl stuff?

The book worm? Does she have a Kindle or Nook? Maybe an Amazon card for her to purchase books. I know that sounds impersonal to you, however, it would show you are paying attention to what she likes....to read...unless you can find a book that she's been waiting for or a series she's been talking about?

Why not make a date - manicure/pedicures together and a trip to the mall to purchase something they want??

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answers from Chicago on

If she is a bookworm go with a barnes and noble card or a amazon card so she can get a book. you could make baskets for them

b&n card, book mark, maybe a warm fleecy blanket to curl up with a book in some tea or hot chocolate and a mug.

younger girl same kind of thing except get a card for bath and body works or sally hansen etc

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answers from Appleton on

Plan a family shopping trip, you dad and all the kids. Arrange ahead with dad to distract or remove (hey who wants ice cream) as you buy what the girls pick out.
In other words have them try on stuff and whatever they love have it set aside by the store associate. Pretend to lose a glove or your keys or an earring, dad says 'who wants ice cream' and you tell them you will meet them in a few minutes. Purchase what the girls pick out, take it to the car and put it in the trunk, meet the family for ice cream. Everyone goes home and after the kids are in bed remove stuff from the trunk and hide or wrap it.

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answers from Boston on

My stepdaughters are 2.5 years apart and they didn't like getting the same thing. So I'd get different types of gifts for them. The mani/pedi is nice but it doesn't last so maybe skip that. The older one might like a gift card to a bookstore - she can get a book, CDs, gifty things, a big range. You could buy a book and talk to the store about a gift receipt - some stores won't do it because people read the book and then return it, but see what they suggest. If you know her taste, you can buy a book and gift her a card for the balance. For the younger, what about earrings or a necklace or scarf? A lot of kids like those because they can make their "ordinary" clothes (even a plain sweater) look trendier. You could also get either one a sweater - don't get too trendy for the older one.

I wouldn't get any more personal than a sweater - and if that's too much, then go for the other ideas.

Another option is movie tickets - we get discount tickets through AAA (usually 4 or 5 in a set, and for any of a number of theater chains) and then we split them up to give as gifts in sets of 2 or so (depending on the size of the family we are giving them to). If there's a spare one left over, we keep it for our own use!

As always, you can ask their father if they're nagging for anything, and then come through and deliver that!

Depending on your relationship, you could take them shopping too - and maybe grab lunch together. But the stores are starting to get crazy insane and one may be bored while the other is shopping (where you need to keep the price under control too), so think that one through.

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answers from Grand Forks on

How about a gift card and offer to take her shopping to spend it?

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answers from Washington DC on

I agree with impersonal being good at this point. Or ask your boyfriend what they like - what stores, salons, etc.

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answers from New York on

Kids love gift cards since they can pick their own stuff. 14 and 16 year-olds like Aeropostal. You could buy something there and give a gift receipt. Let them know it's ok to exchange what you bought.

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answers from Abilene on

You can always get a cute pair of earrings or bracelet and a gift receipt. If you know what their rooms are like you could get them something for their room. One thing I do for young ladies I don't know as well is a cute makeup type bag with lotion/body wash etc. You could always do a themed basket of sorts. Example: red box coupon with popcorn, peanuts and m&ms, couple of coke bottles with a note that says treat yourself to a movie night with your girlfriends.

I also like the idea of taking them to lunch and a movie if there's something they'd both like to see.

Gift cards are always a hit with this age. I have a 15 year old who is asking for gift cards for Christmas.


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answers from Columbia on

Ask. What would they like?



answers from Dallas on

I think gift cards paired with a thoughtful note in a nice card become less

Do they have an iPad or iPod? if so, an iTunes gift card might work.


answers from San Francisco on

Why don't you ask your boyfriend what they like and/or need, what stores they shop at, where they like to eat out, etc? That way you could get a gift card they will actually like and use.

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