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Updated on November 20, 2010
L. asks from Mobile, AL
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Hi all,

We're spending Christmas at my folks' house this year which will be great (snow!), but I'm not sure what to do about presents for the kids (aged 6 and 6 mos.--not such an issue for the little one!). A few of the perfect presents that people have been talking about are BIG. We're flying, and I'm not sure what to do about transport. It seems sad to not bring them there to open for Christmas or to change ideas, but what else could we do? Anyone else find a good solution to this problem? Maybe just bring the few little things and open the rest at home a few days later??

ADDED: I"m not so worried about getting it there--we could just ship there, but we'd still have to get everything back! ;)


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answers from Reno on

I always pack my suitcase and then pack it into a larger empty suitcase. That way after all the presents and such I have a way to get everything back:)

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answers from Alexandria on

We've always had a second Christmas once we got back. The kids love it and think it's fun. I would ask family getting big gifts to buy online and have it shipped to you. We do that all the time (even with little gifts). It males less you have to take with you and take back.

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answers from Anchorage on

Bring a few little ones, and a note from Santa saying that he knew you could not take a lot of stuff on the plane, so he dropped the presents at your home and they will be waiting for your return. Set up the gifts before you leave (without the kids seeing), and include a photo with the letter.

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answers from Dallas on

The year we traveled to see my parents, we ordered most of it on Amazon and had it shipped to their house. I think everything we got, we were able to get free shipping. For a few minor things I made a quick trip to the store. And there were a few items my mother picked up for me. On the way back we packed what we could in our bags and sent everything else snail mail. It cost us a little bit, but I don't remember it being too outrageous. There was one bigger item and I just let my son open it before we left...I should have waited until after though...he was bummed about leaving it behind.

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answers from Dallas on

we are also traveling for christmas although we are driving there still wont be room for the BIG stuff, so we have opted to tell our kids that there will be more presents at home when we get back, our oldest is 6 but her "big" gift is a dsi xl so luckily that is small in size...the other two are too young to know the difference, but in the future I'm sure we will do the same : )

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answers from New York on

Consdiering how airlines are now charging for bags I'd follow SB's advise - order it all online and have it shipped to mom's house and then a day or two before you head home ship it back to your house to arrive when you get there or a day after. It's almost like having 2 Christmases! (Tthe exception of course would be a bicycle type thing...)

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answers from Los Angeles on

We are going out of state for Christmas, flying. We're getting my son a tricycle and basketball hoop. Not taking them on the plane or shipping them either way! We are taking small gifts with us for him to open there, he and he'll have a second Christmas waiting for him at home with the big stuff.

We are also doing what another person suggested and packing our suitcase into another larger suitcase or taking a duffle bag for other gifts.

Now, my aunt already told me she wants to get my son a large gift that I can't travel with. He's going to unwrap it there, I'll return it for a gift card and re-buy it when I get back home.


answers from Boston on

We used to spend a few X-mas's in FL w/ the grandparents - Loved it! My mom would always ship things before hand and/or just pack the 'clothes' and little things all in one big suitcase Then box and wrap them when we got down there!! I used to be afraid Santa was not going to know I was in a different State! LOL -like he wouldnt find me. So my mom being the sweetie pie she is would have our Big gifts (not worth the extra $$$ to ship back and forth) at home waiting for us under the tree !!!!! We loved that, they were always left by Santa :-) because he knew we would be coming back home :-) Have a Wonderful trip to mom & dads - ENJOY the snow!



answers from Colorado Springs on

Yes, and the shipping could be enormous. You might want to suggest to your child that being with Grandpa and Grandma is a Christmas treat in itself. In addition, what about packing (or shipping ahead of you) the more take-able presents up there for Christmas Day - and adding under G&G's tree a cute message about what they will find when they get back home? You could give clues, perhaps, or something else intriguing. Presto - two Christmases for the price of one!



answers from Oklahoma City on

Before you leave, take pictures of the unwrapped presents in your house. Then, on Christmas morning you could show the child the pictures Santa e-mailed you! It will make the magic last longer because of the excitement of coming home to the second special delivery.



answers from St. Louis on

Maybe you can order them online and have the sent to where the kids will be. Most places start offering free shipping during this time of year and it's totally worth it.



answers from Minneapolis on

Can you ship them there ahead of time?



answers from Tulsa on

Have a Christmas celebration at home at a different time...I agree it can either be before you leave or after you get back, it might be nice to wait until you get back in case they get something you already purchased. It would ruin the gift giving for another person if the child just got one and said something to the effect of "Oh, I got this from Mom and Dad at home yesterday"....



answers from Atlanta on

Jen C's idea is what you want to do. We always spent Christmas at my grandmother's. It was only an hour away, but one year Santa brought me a playset/gymset that obviously couldn't be transported there and back. My Dad called the neighbors who were watching our pets and they told him Santa had left that for me -so of course I was VERY excited! The notes from Santa would be great!



answers from Birmingham on

You said it ... SHIP your gifts early. The post office has reasonable rate shipping boxes that ship for one flat cost if it fits in to a certain size box. Go look at the boxes and see what size you want. Get a couple of them to ship your gifts there and one for shipping back if things won't fit in your suitcase. Checking bags at the airport has gotten really expensive from many airlines. My husband travels and sometimes ships his hunting clothes rather than packing and taking them. It's cheaper and much easier!



answers from Boise on

I would have a few presents with you, but let them know that their presents will be waiting for them at home. I've done it...just let the 6 year old know what is happening ahead of time so that it isn't a huge issue, and will know that you guys now get TWO christmases.

I originally thought to ship them there ahead of time, but then you have to ship them back...



answers from Chicago on

Order stuff ahead of time and have it shipped to your mom and dad's! That's what I do= when we get there, my mom and I go in the basement after the kids are in bed and wrap everything. She just has the boxes down there until we come. It's so easy- lots of online places like amazon have free shipping on many toys and other items too.

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