Can I Check on a Bankers Box When I Fly?

Updated on July 16, 2012
C.D. asks from Los Angeles, CA
10 answers

I think I get the award for most random questions asked, but yes I was wondering this. I'm flying next week and have a boat load of kids clothes for my friend I'm staying with, I only have 3 suit cases all that we are going to carry on and will be filled. Will a banker box fall apart in transport? Thanks in advance

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answers from Washington DC on

For the amount of money they will charge you to "as luggage" I would take it to FEDEX and ship it UPS Ground.

That's what I did when we went to my parents house a few years ago. My boys had their carry on which had one change of clothes and their toys/books. All of their clothes had been shipped via FEDEX Ground and got there the day we did - it was $17.50 to ship. Instead of $50.

I'm not sure if the box would fall apart - but I would definitely tape it up REALLY good!!


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answers from Phoenix on

Why not just ship it?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ship them Priority Mail Flat Rate. Get the largest box available, it ships for $15.45 anywhere withing the US so if you need more than one they're reasonable. Roll the clothes individually (more fit rolled), pack them tightly, and mail them before your trip. If it fits in the box it ships for the one rate. I actually got an applause a couple of Christmases ago, the postal worker weighed my son's Christmas box, and announced to everyone in line that I was a master, I had saved $20 over the regular Priority Mail rate by putting as much as I could in the one flat rate box.

I used a medium box last Christmas and crammed a twin size double-sided fleece blanket I had made into it for my grandson, I made it fit and it arrived with no problems. I also ship clothing to my son and some of my grandkids from time to time, so I can say from experience this is the way to go ツ

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answers from Missoula on

I am also in the 'ship it' crowd...

It usually costs $25 per piece of checked baggage to fly... yet every couple of months I am able to send my DD's entire outgrown wardrobe to my SIL on the other side of the country for about $15-20... and I don't have to deal with hauling it around, or worry that someone will open it up and re-tape it.... :)

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answers from Seattle on

I see people picking up boxes in baggage claim all the time. Some airport even have wrapping stations so you can wrap your boxes in plastic to make sure they don't come apart... if they decide that they need to look inside they will cut the box open and then retape/wrap it.
So yes, check with your airline, but I am pretty certain you can check sturdy cardboard box.

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answers from Chicago on

I would ship it via post office...much cheaper...if you don't want to do that...then go to target and buy one of those pastic tubs that is the size you some duct tape or packing tape and tape it around the box so that the lid does not come off. Do a good job with the tape...tape on your contact info and check it like it was luggage. Have had to do this a few times myself with xmas gifts etc. Then just leave the box behind with the people you are visiting...most people can always use an extra tub.

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answers from Dallas on

You need to call your airline and ask. I've seen cardboard boxes at baggage claim and they are all taped up. I don't know how this works with TSA because they do go through bags and I would not trust them to tape it back up securely.

Count on paying a minimum of $25 to shop it. At that rate, you could proably ship it to your destination by FedEx ground cheaper than lugging it to the airport.

Check out all options. Have a safe trip.

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answers from Lakeland on

It is so much cheaper to ship it via UPS or FedEx. I usually ship boxes that I know I will not be returning with.

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answers from Portland on

I would call the airlines to be sure you won't be charged for checked "luggage." I think you can check a card board box but some airlines charge for checked luggage, even the first piece.

Ask about carry ons too. The airlines are very particular about the size and shape of a carry on.

You may be able to get your questions answered on their Internet site.

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answers from Charlotte on

I have friends who like to check boxes rather than suitcases because they weigh so much less than suitcases. They also do it because they won't be taking the contents back, thus not traveling back with an empty suitcase.

I would make sure you write very clearly on it your name and destination. Lots of tape, and if you can do that all over cellophane type of wrap at the airport that you pay a fee for, that will help keep the box safe.

If they can do this with overseas flights, they surely can do it with domestic flights.


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