Toddler Crossing Eyes

Updated on March 03, 2010
A.L. asks from Atlanta, GA
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Our two year old little girl has been crossing her eyes off and on for about 5 months for seemingly no reason. We have been to the eye doc, had eyes dilated, etc... They determined that it is not a focusing problem or her vision. The next step is to visit the pediatric neurologist for testing, MRI and to make sure there is nothing else going on. Has anyone else been through this? I just need to hear from anyone who has gone through this so that I can know what might be coming and to have some peace of mind. Thank you.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of the advice and help. It helps just knowing that others have gone through this with good results. Yes, as I said, she is going to a pediatric neurologist and has been seeing a pediatric opthamologist. Thanks again!

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Did you go to a ped eye dr or just a regular one?? Please go to a ped Dr if you haven't already for starters. My son has gone to one since he was 2yrs old (now almost 4yrs old) and he wears glasses for vision correction. His left eye drifts. It is slow to flow his right eye sometimes when he looks around and his left eye lid is a bit lower than his right as well. This is very bad when his is sleepy and so is his eye. His Ped eye Dr says his right eye drifts as well but not as bad as the left. He is growing out of it as she said he probably would and shouldn't need surgery for it either. He hasn't had any other testing done either except for what his eye Dr has done in her office. We have had to dialate his right eye a few times to weaken it and force his left eye to work harder. His Dr is in Savannah.


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I used to work for Dallas' services for Visually Impaired Children. This is probably not serious, but definitely get it checked out. Was your eye doctor an optometrist or an opthamologist? If it was a optometrist, I would take her to a pediatric opthamologist.



answers from Provo on

Wow! I'm just going through this same thing with my 18 month-old son! Yesterday was my son's MRI!

First, I agree with Victoria about seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist. We took our son to one who said that he also doesn't have focusing or vision problems, he just favors one eye over another. His left eye tends to be more straight and the right eye crosses inward. Because the right eye crosses, he uses the left eye more and ignores the visual information coming from the right eye.

They did the MRI to rule out any neurological causes, which are pretty rare.
We were given a box of eye patches and we have to patch his "good" eye for two hours every day to strengthen his "bad" eye. The doctor told us that if his left eye started to cross as well, then that was a good sign that his right eye was getting stronger.

If the patch doesn't correct the problem, then they can do surgery to correct it.

Catching this problem as early as we both have is fantastic. The ophthalmologist told us that our son has a 90% chance or better of having normal vision in both eyes.

Good luck with the MRI!



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Sorry to hear about your child's problem. Going to an opthamologist and pediatric neurologist are probably the best options for you. I hope that you can get to the bottom of your child's eye crossing problem without it being serious.



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Sounds like classic amblyopia - it is common and curable if caught is pretty much just as Courtney described. You can read a brief overview of the causes, effects and treatments here:

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