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R.S. asks from Orlando, FL
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I wanted 2 know when 2 start givin my 3mth cereal. I have friends who started since their babies were 2mths! I wuz thinkin more around 5mths. I don't want her 2 get constipated. I had given her enfamil AR when she wuz 2mths & she got soo constipated,I had 2 change it 2 enfamil gentlease. thts y I am a little nervous about the cereal. So when do u guys think it best or do I need 2 give her any at all? I read tht the cereal has no nutritional value & tht the milk have all the nutrients the baby needs.

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answers from New York on

Hello again Rose, : )

You need to ask yourself.

Does your baby seem hungry after or shortly after a normal feeding? Are her feedings more frequent? Is she eating more than usual?

If the answers are yes, you may have to increase her amount of feedings by about 1 - 2 oz, but this may be only temporary. This happens with growth spurts. If it lasts more than a week or so keep with the new feeding amount, but if she's not eating it all anymore, then you can cut back again until she has another growth spurt.

As for feeding cereal. In my personal opinion, that is for people who do not want to get up in the middle of the night to feed their little ones. It settles in their stomachs better than milk and keeps them fuller longer. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I call them lazy.

If an infant is hungry, you increase the amount of formula at feedings, not give them cereal so you can feed them less often.

You are thinking right, and keep her off the cereal for another couple months. Just keep an eye out for the signs that a couple oz of formula isnt enough, thats when you want to start introducing cereal. then try to add small amounts to her formula bottle, just to "thicken it up" a little, but remember to use a nipple with a bigger hole, or she wont be able to get it out!

keep up the good work.



answers from New York on

My daughter's pediatrician had me start with one tablespoon of single grain rice cereal mixed with formula twice a day at 4 months. If there is no allergic reaction to the rice than you can try oatmeal or barley (1 new food every 4 days) Anywhere between 4 - 6 months is a good start. Many children will thrust the food out of their mouth at first or even gag a little. This is a normal reflexive action and if she does it at first don't worry. Keep trying and eventually she will take to it.

It is important to note that she will receive the bulk of her nutrients from the formula. Feeding of the cereal is really only to get her used to the texture and swallowing food and is never to be used as a replacement for the formula. Also never put the cereal in the bottle, this can lead to obesity in children.

Good luck!



answers from New York on

Most doctors reccomend between 4 and 6 months. The longer the better. I started my son on rice at 4 because he was on the slender side. He was Breast Fed exclusively. No problems except he got VERY constipated. No poop for 9 days and when it came out after lots of prune juice it was like clay. Scary. Just be alert to that and start out slow with rice cereal.



answers from New York on

My advice is, wait as long as possible to start solid foods. It is nutritionally unnecessary before 6 months. It is one less thing for you to have to deal with at this time. Myth: Babies don't sleep longer with cereal in their tummies. When you do start to give cereal, rice cereal is more binding than oatmeal or barley if you are concerned with constipation.

Don't rush it! Just wait until she's 9-10 months old and she want to feed herself! Enjoy just the bottle while it lasts!



answers from New York on

Hi again Rose. I tried giving my daughter cereal at the age of 3 mos, then 5 mos. Our pediatrican and the general consensus by pediatricians is to start giving infants cereal, pureed vegetables and pureed fruit age of 6 mos. So, I waited and gave my daughter cereal, etc. at the age of 6 mos. Why? Pediatricans believe that an infant's digestive system is not completely prepared or strong enough for the cereal and fruit at that time. I hope this info. helps you.


answers from New York on

As a mom of 3 I know that each child is different. You will get many different responses to this question and they may be right for each individual situation.

With that said, my daughter started at 2.5 months and my boys started around 5.5 months. She was ready at that age and had no problems with constipation or gas, etc. My boys were ready at 5 months. I had different pediatricians tell me different things.

I think as a mom, you have to know that your baby is ready for it. Trying out a little bit and see if she takes to it. If not, then wait it out. Trying a week or so.

As far as nutritional value, it will fill them up but its not a necessity at this age. Formula has the nutrients she needs at this point to sustain her. Talk to your DR and see what their opinion is.

Good luck!

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