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How Much Cereal Should My 4 Month Old Eat

Every baby is different. I agree with what someone said about not starting with rice cereal, not only that, it is binding and you dont want to end up with a ...

How to Add Cereal to a Bottle

If the baby sucks down cereal through a nipple like milk they can over eat and it can cause stomach aches. Totally up to you though. ...

Intorducting Cereal

My daughter started on a cross cut nipple on her bottle at 2months Soon after I was putting baby cereal in her bottle at night I would start with a little ...

Breastfed Baby Wanting to Start Cereal

Nov 10, 2009 ... Read all 19 responses: "I have a 4 1/2 month old baby he only breastfeeds. I would like to start him on cereal. How much?

How Much Cereal

Give him as much cereal as he will eat. You can't overfeed a baby because they will stop when they are full. I have a 9 month old who has been waking up as ...

Baby Wont Take Cereal from a Bottle

Read all 13 responses: "Well the one good nights sleep I have gotten in the past 8 mos was when I put some cereal in his milk... He slept great!

Starting Baby on Cereal

Read all 17 responses: "My daughter is going to be 14 weeks in 2 days and always wants to sit up now, with assistance of course but has been crying at the ...

Cereal at 4 Months?

No, it's not too early to introduce baby cereal (or Cream of Wheat, .... It is not too early to start cereal at 4 months. I actually started baby jar food ...

Is Cereal Necessary?

yes it is! do not feel like you are not feeding your baby enough! is she gaining weight? is she happy? i use rice cereal at night wen jonathan has to go to ...

Cereal for a 4 Month Old?

Oct 20, 2009 ... The baby needs the nutrition. Cereal will not help him sleep longer ... Reason 1 : 4 months is too early to start solids and baby cereal is ...
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