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Updated on September 13, 2010
S.R. asks from Mesa, AZ
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Hi guys :) My daughter is almost 5 months old and at her 4 month appointment , her doctor gave me the ok to begin feeding her rice cereal w a spoon . I've started giving it to her in the mornings two hours after her first bottle as directed by her doctor for about 2 weeks now . She eats that , and usually cries bc she's ready for a bottle . She usually drinks her formula about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours and drinks s4 ounces . I want to know when rice cereal will replace her formula. It's a little annoying rushing to make a bottle right after i JUST fed her cereal . Also , Is it absolutely necessary for me to begin giving her water regularly since she is eating solid foods ? Thank you for your time :)

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So What Happened?

I know this is late but thank you guys for all of your input :) . I kept giving her rice cereal and a bottle but she is past that stage now . She's not eating 3 times a day w a bottle . He feedings are also almost 5 hours apart . She is now 6 months . I am giving her small amounts of water in a sippy cup and she drinks here and there as she pleases :) . I have learned that mommies know best so I'm going w my instincts . Everyone has a different out look and way they feel things should be done . My daughter is very happy and healthy . Thanks again guys !

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answers from Boise on

When I started on the rice cereal, I would feed my son first (I was breastfeeding), and about 30 minutes later, I would offer the cereal. Cereal won't replace her formula. It is just practice, and not for nutritional needs until at least one. For now, she needs her formula. If she is still taking formula, and having regular wet diapers, don't add water yet.

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answers from San Diego on

i always gave both bottle and rice cereal at one sitting. the amount of bottles did not decrease when my daughter started solids, it increased. she drank more milk on top of adding in the rice cereal.
and i did not start giving my daughter water until closer to 7 months you should ask your dr. it is kind of nice practice to put water in sippy cup.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Formula/breastmilk should never be replaced by solids, especially rice cereal which has zero nutritional content. You should always feed her formula/breastmilk first, then solids 1/2 hour or so later, never before. Formula/breastmilk is THE most important part of her diet for the next year, and should never be replaced with solids. Especially at this age when food is just for practice, and especially with rice cereal with again has zero nutritional content.

She doesn't need any water either. Too much water can poison a baby, so stick with no water at this time.

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answers from Boston on

it shouldn't replace her formula. For the first year of life the main source of nutrition is from breastmilk or formula foods are just for fun and to experiment with.

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answers from Phoenix on

I think water is a great idea (or any drink really) with any solid food. Don't you get thirsty and/or want to wash the food you're eating down with a drink? I usually do. Water is always good (as long as they get other nutrients!) and far too few people "dont know how" to drink water - if you cannot drink water but must have milk or flavored drinks only, you'll easily have a weight problem.

That said, babies need to be on breast or formula milk at least until after they're one year old. Give them a drink after they've eaten - the reason the doctor said that was so your baby wouldn't be full and not interested in eating because she just had her bottle of milk. So cereal then bottle is the way to go.



answers from Phoenix on

Dear S., Baby cereal has very few calories and should NEVER replace your baby's formula feedings. The only real value of cereal is that it helps provide some iron to the baby's diet. So, get that bottle ready and give it to her as soon as she's finished her cereal. She will need formula until she is 1 year old. The four ounces that she is taking every 2 1/2 to 3 hours sounds about right for her age. By 6 months formula feedings may space to every 4 hours. So, please be patient and feed her when she's hungry. It helps her learn to trust you and bond with you. Water is not necessary at this time. All she needs to drink is formula. R., nurse midwife mom of 3


answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter doesnt really like the rice cereal she loves barley and the cinnammon kind. Well i actually give my daughter 4 oz of formula and i mixed in with cereal so try doing that that way she'll get a bit full!!! Yes you should try giving her water but also try giving her 1 oz of juice and 1 oz of water!!! Now if you dont want to give her 4 oz then give her 5 oz!! I give my daughter 4 with cereal and 6-8 oz without!!! Then 3 oz water!! I also give her gerber!!! I hope it helps, good luck!!!



answers from Cincinnati on

rice cereal is very important (this was explained to us through our nutritionist) because it provides extra iron (even though there is alot in formula so it is more important for breast fed babies. but the nutriants are not as important as the fact that rice cereal (or any other solids) teaches your baby to mash food with her gums which leads to chewing later. my son always has milk after his morning cereal. try making the bottles ahead of time ( we made them for a day the night before, they are good for 24hrs) the only time I gave my baby water was when we got back from walking outside this summer (temp in the 90s) and sometimes ice water in a sippy cup when he was teething (we started the cup at 5 mnths and now at 12 mnths there is no need to ween him from a bottle.)



answers from Anchorage on

Rice cereal is just a trainer, it will never replace the formula.



answers from Phoenix on

She's mostly getting her nutrition from the milk. If anything, it would seem that you could hold off giving her the cereal. As she gets older and can eat more, she will cut back on her bottle. But with mine, that didn't happen until around a year or so, if I'm remembering correctly. I have a 4 month old now who won't start cereal for a few months yet... CONGRATULATIONS! =)



answers from Tucson on

These ladies are smart... No water and rice cereal never replaces formula. Why did your doctor want your daughter on water? Is she constipated? My pediatrician suggested rice cereal and first foods at five months since my son is so big and so ready! I had to put the cereal in with some formula in the bottle. He won't eat any kind by itself! I skip it now, since he loves sweet potato and applesauce... I breastfeed so I have other issues, but trust me when I say these days are short lived. Pretty soon she'll be eating table foods and things get easier! Hang in there!



answers from Phoenix on

Congrats on starting solids! We waited until 6 months when I started my daughter on Earth's Best Organics baby cereal (the mixed grain version). She has her morning bottle, which I use about 1/2-1 oz of to thin her cereal, then she eats the cereal right afterwards. This way I don't feel like she's eating all day long. She is now almost 9 months old, and we have small tastes of fruits or cereals after each bottle, as well as snacks if she needs them.
My pediatrician said water is not too important early on, b/c babies get everything from their formula or breast milk, but it is good to start letting her have tastes of it (esp after some dry cereal!) Good luck!



answers from Little Rock on

No need to give her water. If you are making the formula by the instructions on the can, she will get all the water she needs. You can start 4 ounces of juice a day at six months. Her rice cereal should never replace her formula. She will need her formula till she is a year old. At that time you will switch her to whole milk and even then, she will need 4 cups of milk a day. Instead of rushing to make her formula after feeding the rice cereal, go ahead and make it before feeding her the cereal.



answers from Tampa on

you should not give baby water there is no need. formula has water so again no need to give her water and i would not give her rice cereal that is a no no.. i know its something from the old school to put it in the milk etc but from my findings that was not something that you should give she is too little.. i would just stick with the milk if she is hungry then just give her more..more often.

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