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Updated on April 18, 2012
B.R. asks from Naples, FL
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Does anyone have experience with Allstate or 21st Century for auto insurance? I have State Farm right now. We are constantly getting solicitations in the mail from other companies and the rates do look so appealing. We had State Farm and dropped them for the house as they are no longer writing homes and want to pull out of Florida all together, so we dropped them before they could drop us as I didn't want to be shopping with millions of other people and end up in the state pool or j u a. Back to the cars......I have never had a claim, and we both have good driving records. I would love to save some money, but I like the convenience of being able to just drop an envelope through the mail slot at State Farm when I am in the area, and I don't want to fall victim to some low teaser rate that will only continue to go up once we are customers, or have shoddy coverage if god forbid one of us does have an accident and we need to make a claim.
ETA: We used to have the house and cars with State Farm....we save over $500 a year by switching to Universal for the is a Triple A rated company, and the cars didn't go up because we cancelled the house...because we have 2 cars insured we still qualify for their "multi policy discount"....but my '04 Durango is still over $1200 a year!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I haven't had experience with the two that you mentioned. I just wanted to say I had State Farm too, and their rates were ridiculous. I had been with them for over 10 years before I dropped them for triple A.
Good Luck on your hunt!



answers from Miami on

I had State Farm for over 20 years. This year my husband placed a call to Allstate insurance for a quote. Let me tell you that State Farm was over charging us! For both of our vehicles (Toyota Sienna mini van and Toyota Camry LE~nothing fancy about our cars) we were paying nearly $2,000 a year. Yes, that's right, with State Farm. No car accidents on either of us yet our insurance was going up, and up and up every year. With Allstate, same coverage for the same cars, $1,300 a year. That is a significant difference and my husband called State Farm and told them we were going to switch insurance companies and asked them if they would be willing to save our relationship with them by matching Allstate. Guess what State Farm said? NO. Maybe it depends on where you live, the state and/or city, I don't know but it pays to call and get quotes from various companies. My sister has Geico and she loves them, says they have great rates too.



answers from Seattle on

I work in insurance claims and my favorites are state farm, geico, and American family. The absolute worst for claims are usaa, Hartford, and progressive.



answers from Cincinnati on

We have geico for car insurance and I love it (so far...I have never had to file a claim) it is the cheapest we could find. They won't cover our home however because apparently all the companies that they do home insurance through won't cover indiana residents because of all the storms we have had in the past couple years.



answers from Melbourne on

I had Allstate for my first 6 years inFL with a increase every year. I switched to Geico 20yrs ago and even though my cost has gone up, NOBODY has been able to beat their price and I check every 6 months. The one time I had a claim because somebody hit my parked car their claim handling was A-1



answers from Chicago on

We have State Farm. I checked last year for coverage info and Farmer's was the only one that came lower but only a bit and they are a no way for me. They refused to cover my home years ago due to excessive claims--which we have never made--and refused to accept any docs stating we never made a claim. You might want to call State Farm and find out why the insurance is so high. It might be due to the type of coverage and deductibles you have if you have full coverage. Parts for used cars are expensive so drive up the cost of insurance.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We had Allstate for YEARS and YEARS.
We shopped it a few years back and ended up with Nationwide and saved a bundle.
My husband said "Should we give abc a chance to match this?" My response? "! They took an inflated rate from us for years!" LOL



answers from Washington DC on

If you or any of your parents served in the military, check out USAA.

We are on GEICO because I had been with Nationwide for years and years and when I married we asked each company to quote us for all the cars, the house, etc. GEICO beat Nationwide hands down. I find all companies equally annoying, so I go with what is slightly less painful to my wallet. No, I don't have a personal agent like other companies, so if that is important to you, don't go GEICO.



answers from Madison on

IDK about the others but will be curious as to the posts I have had statefarm for 12 years and just don't think anyone can beat the price I pay for two cars, life, and the house


answers from Chicago on

Allstate is a little overpriced for my taste - my fiance has allstate - but he is on his family's plan and his mother is grandfathered in on an old account so it's not going to change, plus she pays the bill. I have Geico and while 8yrs ago they wanted too much now it's great and has gone down in price based on my good driving semi annually :). I never had any complaints when I had StateFarm, but I will tell you MY rates are cheaper with Geico vs State Farm. I have NO experience with 21st Century.


answers from Phoenix on

I'm an insurance agent in AZ. You really should find an independent agent that works with a bunch of companies and can get you quotes from each one. That way, you quote the same coverage but you can see who has the best rates. Also, quote your home/auto together, you get a bigger discount. You can't really compare what you pay to what someone else pays, the premiums are based on many factors that are specific to each person, where they live, their driving record and what coverage's they choose. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

We have Farmers and they have everything... car, house, umbrella, jewelry, and business.

We do have discounts for daughter's good grades as well.

Our house is about $2500/yr, cars are around $1900/6 months (3 Mercedes), the extra jewelry policy for me is $1000/yr, Umbrella is $500/yr and business is about $4000 a year (this covers our inventory and product in the event that a truck has an accident and we lose material).

We'be been with Farmers over 20 yra and never had a claim.


answers from Houston on

We always had Allstate and were fairly pleased. We still have them for renters insurance, but changes to USAA for car insurance, simply b/c we also took our car loan out through USAA.


answers from Columbia on

I have USAA currently, which primarily deals with military.

But I used to have American Family. They are excellent for auto insurance and I do recommend them.

ETA: Whoops...I forgot to add, under USAA, my policy for my 2005 Trailblazer is under $900/year. I have a flawless driving record and also have renter's insurance through them.



answers from San Francisco on

I have 21st Century and I really like them. The coverage is very good - the rates are excellent. My rates have never gone up - I've had them for probably over five years now. In fact, each year my rate drops - not much, but every penny helps.

I did have one claim and they were very good. I have absolutely no complaints. By the way, I dropped State Farm for 21st Century.

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