Can You Take Fish Oil Instead of Eating Fish for Same Omega Benefits?

Updated on May 03, 2010
T.S. asks from Zionsville, IN
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I hate all fish but tuna. Should I be taking fish oil for the Omega fats, and what about my kids....?
I don't often make them fish of any kind, except for tuna occasionally and shrimp occasionally.....uh oh??

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answers from Indianapolis on

Have you considered flax seed oil or (preferably organic) golden flax seed? Flax seed is the only thing that matches real fish for Omegas, and has lots of great side benefits. Indiana-grown flax seed is available in the Indianapolis market. Also, if you decide to go with the seed instead of daily doses of (not fishy) oil, there are now tons of flax recipe cookbooks out there.
Way to be healthy!

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answers from Chicago on

Yes, and you can actually get some prescription fish oils, which are regulated by the FDA. My hubby (an internal medicine doc) takes Lovaza every day. I believe I get enough from my diet, as I LOOOOOVE salmon and nuts, so I don't take any. Can you get your kids to eat salmon? My 3 year old loves it, and loves shrimp too.

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answers from Columbus on

Yes, my understanding is that you can do that. I did it all through my pregnancy & throughout breastfeeding.

Just make sure that the kind you buy is mercury free.

Here's a good article on omega 3 fatty acids: You can scroll down to the "Food Sources" section for a list of other foods that have omega 3s (flax seed, some kinds of squash, olive oil (if it's not heated) etc.)

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answers from Indianapolis on

Surprising. Lots of people like fish OTHER than tuna. No orange roughy, sea bass, salmon, etc.? Sea bass and orange roughy, particularly, are VERY mild fish. In addtion, how it's prepared has ALOT to do with it. Fish is, and should be VERY simple to prepare. I give people very simple recipes that even kids like. Why dont' you make it, just out of curiousity? I come across clients all the time that don't fix it because they don't know how they should prepare it.

Regardless, there are other foods that contain omegas...walnuts, avacados, flaxseed. I actually take flaxseed oil rather than the fish oil. I do eat some fish, but also get my omegas from nuts and avacados on a daily & weekly basis.

I'd be careful with doing alot of shrimp. These are bottom feeders. All of your bottom feeders are high in toxins. The "rule" for seafood is that you only eat what has fins and scales (Biblical, too)..... Which would eliminate all bottom feeders. God gives us all kinds of guidelines to try to keep us "safe".

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answers from Indianapolis on

Absolutely!!! Fish oil supplements are a HUGE market.

But, here's a caution to take into consideration as you're making your selections.

Most over-the-counter vitamins and supplements are not FDA approved. The FDA regulates them and registers the active ingredient, but they're not always the same grade and purity as a prescription variety.

Fish oil tablets/capsules are often known to cause what are known in the medical industry as "Fish Burps" - some people say that freezing them helps. Other people say it's the quality of the fish.

There's a prescription product called Lovaza that many health care professionals speak about as a pharmaceutical grade supplement that I've heard excellent things about - may be worth a call to your physician and pharmacist to see what they think and how much you'd have to pay out of your pocket.

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answers from Tampa on

yes you can. My dad recommends the pills, for kids who wont eat fish (he is a Pedi)

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answers from Philadelphia on

We take Omega 3 supplements daily! They pack a good punch of necessary oil. I think that you may get even more Omega 3 from one supplement than you do from a piece of fish. My kids call them "yuckies", they are small gel capsules that they can chew or just swallow and are slightly flavored to "hide" the fish oil taste. I don't think it really works, hence the nickname. I think they also make it in liquid form too. I take two adult gel caps everyday too! Just make sure that you are getting them from a good distributor and that the fish are not fish raised on a fish farm. Maybe you could go to your local health food store to buy them!

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answers from Dallas on

Absolutely! I am just like you! I don't want to eat too much tuna though because of purity issues so I take pure Omega's every day. Lots of people are turning to supplements because if you choose a good company with pharmaceudical (sp?) grade products you have a better chance of eating safe and pure omegas. I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor and I can tell you we make an awesome product. Go to this link and learn about it:

There is new research showing that ingredients in fish oil are very helpful to children and brain development too. DHA. Take a peek at this link:

I'm a believer in these products. Both my parents have heart disease and I take it for that along with all the other good reasons. Omegas help with joint pain and inflammation, and on......

Contact me if I can help.

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answers from Las Vegas on

You can but be careful; not all Omega 3 fish oil products are a like. You don't want you or your children taking fish oil capsules that are made from fish that have mercury in them. A doctor that I was consulting with regarding nutritional issues recommended the brand Nordic Naturals and I've been satisfied with it. They have capsules for grown ups and children and also just a flavored liquid for kids who are not swallowing pills yet.

Also, I believe nuts like walnuts are also high in Omega 3s. Just eating a small handful per day may give you the nutrients that you need.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I buy Nordic Naturals (at the health food store or you can get them online as well) for my son. You have to be careful, as not all fish oil supplements are "pharmaceutical grade". Which means that they can have ALL KINDS of harmful junk in them because unless they say "pharmaceutical grade" they are essentially unregulated. If they say pharma.grade on them, and they are found to have things in them they shouldn't (i.e. mercury) then the entire company gets SHUT DOWN. If they don't say that, pretty much all they can do is have them change the labeling. This is from my doctor. Look for the label to say Pharmaceutical grade, and you will be fine.

The Nordic Naturals are lightly flavored (lemon, orange, or I think strawberry) and can be swallowed or chewable (the children's ones).
And Walnuts are another good source.


answers from St. Louis on

It is better to take a supplement if you refuse to eat fish. However, supplements will never take the place of a healthy diet, no matter how good the company making them is. So, try incorporating other forms of omegas into your diet. (walnuts, etc).

If you do choose to do a supplement, do your research to make sure it is right for you and actually contains what it says it contains. Good luck to you!


answers from Dallas on

I agree with Patty. Get the omegaguard from Shaklee. Most omega products are contaminated and are rancid. She didn't mention Mighty Smart for kids. It contains the omegas in a chew for children that tastes great.
There is a reason (actually many) that Shaklee is the number one seller of natural supplements.



answers from Cleveland on

krill oil is the best for you


krill oil is the best for you


answers from Columbus on

I am an independent distributor for Reliv International and my kids are now 3&5, and have been taking the kids' product since they were infants.
They are getting Omega-3's and other brain foods through their daily Reliv NOW for kids shake. It comes in vanilla or chocolate, is simple, affordable and you wouldn't believe what's all in it (50% of their calcium, etc.) It's completely balanced and safe, with no warning labels -- even Flintstone vitamins have warnings on them, but this doesn't.
My brother had HUGE results with ADHD & processing disorder with this, and I know children with autism who've had significant improvements. Typically children, like my own, have such a boosted immune system and I love the preventative aspects of giving them something that has a track record and is in line with the CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition.)
Contact me to learn more, and FYI, there's a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee ;)

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