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Updated on October 04, 2011
J.K. asks from Cuyahoga Falls, OH
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Does anyone know anything about this line of clothing? I agreed to attend a Cabi party this week, but I have no idea what these clothes cost or if they have petite sizes. I am totally not into parties that you have to buy things at, but the host is a good friend and I am in need of the adult conversation!! :) Don't get out much!

Any opinions on this clothing line? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

What retail store would be comparable?

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answers from Atlanta on

I LOVE Cabi! There's an outlet not too far from me. They have some interesting stuff -lots of business casual types amd some nice sportswear. Their target age range looks to be about 30-60. I guess some comparable stores would be Coldwater Creek or J Jill -but not as matronly as Coldwater can be -Cabi definitely has some more playful stuff. The outlet has great deals like "buy two shirts and get a third free" -that type of thing. Most pieces at the outlet are $20-$40 depending on what it is, and they do have petites. I would go check it out -they have lots of pretty clothes!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I agree--nice, but high priced. It is pretty high quality. I have a few pieces that I've had for several years and they've held up well. I would probably compare it to a very nice department store. I don't remember the petite sizes, but they definitely have smaller sizes and the items vary in how they run so you need to try things on. I was able to purchase some sample items right from the rep at her house at a significantly reduced price. You can go for the socializing, try a few things on and maybe get ideas or purchase a small accessory. The reps will sell samples or excess items at a reduced price at the end of the season.

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answers from Detroit on

JK---It is very nice but on the expensive side. Your friend, I'm sure, doesn't expect you to purchase anything. But, if you find something that you like and seems worth it to you...go ahead and support your friend. The styles vary and who knows what you might find that is suitable for a petite. It'll be a good excuse if you don't want to buy anything.

Just go on over there and enjoy the night out with the other adults. D.

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answers from San Francisco on

CABI clothing is very nice. They're sizing doesn't necessarily say "petite" but they sell very small sizes...pants in size 1 and their tops do come in size Xsmall.

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answers from Chicago on

I was at a Cabi party a while back. The clothing is nice but very expensive. I don't think they have any petite sizes. Google their website and you can see their entire line.

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