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Updated on December 14, 2012
L.D. asks from Greenville, TX
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I am a member of a Bunco group in Greenville and September is my month to have Bunco at my house. In case you don't know, Bunco is a very fun dice game for 12 women!! We have a blast - we meet once a month. We do themes each month, and I am out of ideas for themes and thought someone might able to help me. We come dressed up each month -- I was looking for something fairly non-expensive, but cute still .... here are the ones that we have had thus far. I was hopeing for something more creative....

beach theme
hawaiian theme
hollywood theme
old maid theme
pj party theme
western theme
pirate theme
80's theme
casino night theme
elves theme
pumpkin patch theme
halloween theme
New Orleans theme
Disco theme

Any fun themes would be greatly appreciated ... thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

September might be fun to do a "tailgating party" -- Have everyone wear t-shirts from their colleges (or high schools) and have football party type food!

Italian night is always a good one too!

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Hey L.,

How about a Texas or Country Theme!

Boots/Jeans/red/white/blue decorations/horse shoe decorations/etc.
texas flag/gifts could be
red/white/blue candles and toothpicks!
just a thought!
hope this helps some!

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answers from Dallas on

Hi L.,

I love to do themes for my bunko, even though most of the women in my group don't. ;) I hosted last June & decided on a Clue theme (like the board game). I jazzed it up by making the women in our group the suspects. I photo shopped the ladies' heads on other bodies (had a Paris Hilton type, etc), but you could just put them on different colored card stock (Miss Scarlet, etc). I made up a story for each suspect as well as a story about the victim & the crime. Placed the story on each table, and had a big board with "Suspects" up in the room. Places in our city were the "rooms" (took pix of places to make the cards) Also had funny weapons. Picked up a CSI type cap at Party City to use as a traveler. I decorated with crime scene tape. You could draw a chalk outline of the "victim" if you wanted. The "murderer" was, of course, one of the bunko players. At the end I gave her a special gift: a frame with a pic of the group since she had been "framed." ;) Of course a special gift for the one who solved the mystery.
If you decide to try Clue let me know - since you can't move around a board I'll tell you how I handled the logistics of gathering clues.

Next time I host I'm planning to do a hospital theme. Not sure if I'll serve hospital food or not - lol (jello cups, etc). I'm trying to gather gowns & bracelets for everyone. Will use pill-like candy for score-keeping: a white tic-tac for a win, etc. Each player will get a pill bottle (with a funny medical name)rather than a score card. For a twist I may make players put a bandaid on if they roll 3 3's or something like that. Give a special prize at the end for the player with most bandaids.

One of my fav's was Mardi Gras - lots of decorating possibilities! I used beads for score-keeping. The ladies went home with tons of beads. Everyone loved it!

I haven't done "back to school" but I made the score cards for one of my neighbors hosting in September... I picked up a package of certificates at The Dollar Tree. They looked like something you'd use for K of pre-K. Anyway, I printed one with each player's name & had my hubby sign them as the school principal (he signed Roland D. Dice). On the back of the certificate I made the bunko score cards. I down-loaded fonts that looked like a child's printing & progressed thru handwriting. Some of the fonts had those lines like you have in elem. school. They turned out cute.

PM me if you have questions. I'm rushing a bit now & may not be making sense!

Have fun!!!!


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answers from Dallas on

Makes me want to join your group!! I play Pokeno but I am the only one so far that did a theme and last year was Bookeno for Halloween. We have played so many years together that I think we need to spice it up some, but we love getting together and laughing.

I like the back to school theme since it fits for September...everyone likes looking at their old pics...ha! And an easy one.

I did this for something at church and made everyone a sack lunch with of course and apple in it! But I wrapped the sandwiches in wax paper and put the chips in ziploc bag...they all loved it and the idea. (of course you can have other food out, but it worked out cute)

You could do a box lunch type social event (picnic with red and white, plaids, etc.)

Sounds like a great group!!

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answers from Dallas on

50's Theme ~ flamingos, poodle skirts, rolled up jeans, scarved pony tails. red checkered tableclothes, candy from day, including candy cigarettes......pull out your mothers oldest serving pieces. Don't forget to download great music from Itunes!

60's Theme ~ Hippies! Tie dyed table clothes, blacklight, beads and headbands

Fancy Tea Party complete with silver teapot

Flag Day is in June, but you can always do a Patriotic Theme. November is Veterans Day.

September is National Rice Month. LOL!

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answers from Dallas on

You could do a color theme where everyone and everything, snacks & drinks are a color of your choice. Good Luck!

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answers from Macon on

We do Couples Bunko twice a year & invite the guys! That is too fun! Our hubbies are so competative. It's funny. With them, we've done White Trash (Redneck), Ghetto Fabulous, Famous Couples (Halloween), Valentine's. With just the girls, we've done; pink & green theme, bridesmaid bunko (everyone wore an old bridesmaid dress & one girl even wore her wedding dress) & several of the ones you've listed. We also have secret pals in our group. That is fun!

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answers from Dallas on

We have 16 in our group. I just substitute now but bunco is loads of fun.

We also had themes and your group has had some good ones. We tried to theme pertaining to the month.

September, we did back to school. We brough old school pictures of ourselves.

October was of course Halloween...you had to put your hand in a secret bowl to "touch a brain" and then have a jello shot.

February was LOVE month and we did love stuff. We had little notes with sexy things on them and would draw out a paper, fess up if we had done that particular deed or not.

Dec was a white elephant party with good and gag gifts.

March was St Patrick's theme

We played for $$ and it was always fun. We always had a LOT of wine as well. Our bunco nights would sometime go on until midnight.

We all have a blast. Have fun with your party!!

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answers from Dallas on

I will be hosting Bunco for our group in September and am thinking of doing a "Vegas" or "Football" theme. I will probably go with football.

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answers from Dallas on

WOW! Lots of great ideas already. We've do couples Bunco once a year and everyone loves it.

The only other theme I thought of that's not already listed: Asian

Good Luck!
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answers from Beaumont on

Some fun themes I have used: I Love Lucy, Sunflowers, Cajun, Happy Birthday Everyone, Changing Spaces, Tea Party. If you want more input on any of these let me know.



answers from Abilene on

50's housewife, big hair bands,



answers from Dallas on

Hobo Theme
Come as a Toy or Movie character
Candy Theme



answers from Dallas on

Since it's back-to-school month, what about a back-to-school theme? Have everyone wear what they wore when they were in high school ... might be fun if you have people from various age groups! Or have everyone dress to represent their favorite school activity (cheerleader, science geek, athlete, choir, etc.). Just a thought from a fellow teacher. : )

ANother idea (based on the birthday party my friend just had for her 4 year-old) might be a princess or royalty theme. Dress like princesses/queens/jesters or whatever.

Or what about a specific movie night, like "Grease" night?



answers from Dallas on

Come dressed as Julia Childs! Fluffy skirts, sweater sets, pearls or chef outfits!



answers from Amarillo on

I've never played Bunco, but it sounds like fun. What about just doing solid colors. Everyone wears black, red, blue, etc. OR Wear your favorite color OR Wear your most awful bride's maid dress Those are just off the top of my head. Good Luck!!



answers from Dallas on

How about a back to school theme?



answers from Amarillo on

Do a Sunday funnies theme- Blondie, Orphan Annie,Tess-Dick Tracy's girlfriend etc. Betty boop is another one to do.



answers from Dallas on

Hi L.
I may be going out on a limb here.. but man this IS hard lol
rubber duck/shower/ bath something
tea party
bad sweater
reality star
spa party
specific color- wear and serve that
las vegas
chinese theme

hth :) K.

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