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Updated on August 26, 2008
A.D. asks from Albany, OR
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Does anyone out there have a Britax Frontier? I A. thinking of replacing a carseat that I can't stand (Evenflo Titan)--I'll spare you the many, many reasons why. My son is going to be 2 on Halloween, and right now he weighs 28.5 pounds and is 35 inches tall, so he'd *just* make the cut to fit into the Frontier, which goes until 100 pounds. I have a Britax Boulevard for him right now in one car, and I do like the seat. I'm also worried about fitting the Frontier into our Honda Civic or Toyota Forerunner...although, the Boulevard fits fine in our Civic. Any advice before I go shopping? I'm not sure which car we'd end up putting it into.

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answers from Seattle on

We just got the frontier, it's just as wide as the britax marathon we have too. Not sure how big the boulevard is though, but if you stop by babies r us you can compare the blvd and marathon to see the size approximately. Or right start carries the frontier. Good luck!



answers from Portland on

We have the Britax Boulevards, and are planning on purchasing either the Regent or Frontier for our large three year old. We considered the Frontier for awhile, and are still torn between it and the Regent. The Frontier looks to be about the same size if not a bit smaller than the Boulevard, and the Regent is about the same size as the Boulevard though a bit wider.
Keep in mind the Frontier only allows harnessing to 80lbs and serves as a belt positioning booster to 100lbs. While the Regent serves as a harnessing carseat until 100lbs. But the Frontier does have side impact protection which the Regent does not. So there are a few things to consider...

I would definitely recommend taking whatever car you plan on using and trying it out in that car. The only place we have found that carries the Frontier in store is Segal's for Children in Beaverton. The staff is also great at giving good information and installing the seat for you, when you buy it.



answers from Seattle on

I do not care for the Britax seats (probably same kind of laungry lists of just things that apply to me that you have about the Titan) but I have a LARGE 2 year old. He's 42 inches tall and 42 lbs. SO, I needed to find a seat that would keep him harnessed for as long as possible, and hopfully transition to a booster. We bought the Graco Nautilus and it is AMAZING. Since he's grown so much since birth (and we really weren't expecting him to, ha) We've been through a lot of car seats. This is, by far, our favorite. We are even going to buy another one to replace a perfectly safe car seat in our second car because this one is soooo much better. We have another seat that can be used with the harness until 65lbs and it's HUGE. Similar in size to the Frontier, but my son has more wiggle room and seeming comfort in the Graco Nautilus. The best part, it doesn't matter whether we have the seat in my car (Ford Explorer) or my husband's (Ford Focus) because it seems more compact. It sits up higher and my son loves it because he can see better. Anyway, my advice is the Graco Nautilus (harness to 65lbs, then a booster with a seat back, then a backless booster, yes its all of those things...truly, not like some) Good luck.



answers from Seattle on


We were looking for a seat to transition our 3 year old daughter into. Right now we have a Britax Decathlon. We love Britax and looked at the bigger sized Britax's (used to be called the Husky). It was just too large of a seat but we found another good option - it's called the Sunshine Kids Radian. It's a great seat and it will keep our daughter in a five point harness for a long time.

My recommendation if you're able to is to go to Merry Go Round kids in Bellevue as they seem to have the best selection of car seats and try out your child in the seats. We did end up buying our car seat online but tried the seats at Merry Go round and were happy to have "tried" before we bought. Babies r us/toys r us also allows you to try the seats in your vehicle but they don't seem to have the same selection of seats that we found at Merry Go Round.

We did and that's how we decided that since our daughter was swimming in the Britax Frontier but fit nicely into the sunshine kids radian 80. It's also a seat that folds so for travel on airplanes it makes it much easier to transport.


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