Behavior: Britax

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Seeking Opinions and Advice on 20Lbs and up Car Seats

My twin sons will be ready for a forward facing booster by the age of 12 -14 months. They will be in the early 20# range and ready to move on. I need you advice on the next stage car seat. We don't necessarily need a convertible as I can skip the rear facing stage totally due to their weight and age. I know it's recommended that they stay rear facing as long as possible, but I think they're ready to face forward and see the world. I know the Britax has received the best safety ratings, but that price seems absurd. The Evenflo seems...


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Do I Trash the Britax or What?

My hubby's truck was rear ended and the britax was in there. We're getting it replaced from the insurance company, so what do I do with the old one? She wasn't in it when it happened but I won't put her back in it because I'm too much of a safety nut. It's a Britax Regent and I've only had it for a few months. The foam on the back got cracked. So do I put it on the curb or what?


Evenflo Vs. Britax

We are debating between an Even Flo Triumph and Britax Marathon and/or...


Britax Car Seats

Can anyone give their advice/experience regarding the Britax carseats? I am...

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Car Sear Suggestions -

I really need help ! My son ESCAPES from his car seat ! I know this is dangerous but we are now on our 3rd car seat and he somehow gets out ! What can I do ? Is there a mom out there that had this problem before ? If so please share solutions that worked ASAP !


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Opinions on Britax

My husband and I are looking to purchase a convertible car seat for our son, who is 19.5 lbs, 7 months old. We have heard Britax is the best and we don't mind spending the money - it they are worth it! I don't see huge differences between the Roundabout/Marathon/Boulevard seats. Have any of you used these seats? We are trying to figure out which one would be best. If it matters, we have an Entourage Van - so room isn't necessarily an issue. Thanks!!


Britax Car Seats?

We currently are using the Britax companion and have loved it so far. But,...


Britax Frontier 85

Any moms out there own a Britax Frontier 85? My daughter (who is 5) is soon...

Testing Limits

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Britax Car Seats

Good morning! I'm in the market for new carseats - I have the Britax car seats in mind but i thought i would get some reliable input from the experts (moms). I have a 2 little girls a 4yoa and 2.5yoa they are both small girls so i'm trying to decide which of the Britax car seats would be a best fit for them. I have in mind the Regent and Marathon but would like to hear any pros/cons. Thank you for your input. M.


Upgrading Car Seats

My youngest is ready to move into a toddler car seat. His older sister just...