Britax Booster Seat???

Updated on October 19, 2009
L.L. asks from Corona, CA
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I am looking into transitioning my 3 year old into a booster seat. He will be going from a Britax Roundabout (which we love) and have been looking at the Britax Frontier. From all the reviews I've read people either love it or hate it. I'm hoping some of you great mommies can give me your experience with this seat or possibly recommend something else you love. Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all for the great info. We decided to go with the Britax Frontier, which although considered a booster seat, DOES have the 5 point harness. The Britax Regent I found out is soon to be discontinued. Thanks again!

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answers from San Diego on

I love my Frontier, but I would never carry it through the airport. It is very heavy. I also only have one car seat in my backseat, so it fits perfectly in the middle of my CRV. My 5-year-old daughter calls it her throne. It can be difficult to get in the first time, but like all car seats, we moms become pros pretty quickly.

I hope that helps.


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answers from Los Angeles on

My recommendation is to keep him in the car seat. I actually just spoke to my pediatrician about this and she recommended keeping my four year old in his car seat as long as I's just safer.

Pediatricians also now recommend keeping infants rear-facing until they are two which we are doing with my one year old.

I know they are big and bulky, but she said it's a matter of size and maturity before you move them to a booster seat. They need to be mature enough to stay within the loose confines of a booster seat as well as big enough for it to effectively harness them.

Save the money for now and keep him in the car seat.


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answers from Los Angeles on

I think the latest thinkinig is keeping your kid in a 5 point restraint until they're 60 pounds.



answers from Las Vegas on

I second the Britax Regent! My 4 1/2 yr old daughter uses it and we are very happy with it. This website is super informative and helped us to make our decision. They review many of the car seats and boosters on the market and have all of the important info such weight limits etc. If you watch the video, be prepared for tears...

Also, I think at the time of our purchase had the best pricing.



answers from Los Angeles on

I second the other mom about the regular carseat being much safer than booster. Our pediatrician also feels strongly against a booster seat till they are 5 (and at a certain weight). With that said, I understand the various benefits of a booster seat.

I have a 5 year old and a 2.5 year old, and they are both in Britax marathon. I don't know if they still sell Marathon (I think they do) but 5 years ago when we bought the first one it was top of the line. We have been very happy with it. Your kid can stay in it till they are 6 or 60 lbs. My son is tall so he would have outgrown a Roundabout a long time ago so we are very happy that we chose Marathon instead. We move the carseats between cars almost weekly, and it is manageable.

Good luck with your choice!



answers from Seattle on

I like the britax regant.. 5 point harness booster that holds up to 85 lbs.. as long as you have a big car and do not have to switch it in and out of cars all the time.. so safe.. we bought ours at we recived free shipping actually we bought 2 for both of my girls.
Best of luck,



answers from San Diego on

Personally, I love the Frontier and did not find it difficult to install at all (if you have the latch system in your car it snaps right in). However, I have moved up from the Marathon and am very familiar with the BRitax seats (having had to remove and wash the cover multiple times during potty training).

It is heavy, so shuffling it from car to car could be inconvienient. It is pretty large, but I drive a Sienna, HOwever, I also bought one to use in my parents' Camry and had no problems with it their either.

Also, I have heard others say that it sits too low for their child in their car and the child has a hard time seeing out the window. I haven't experienced this with the Sienna or the Camry.

My 4-year old likes the cupholders (her two year old sister who is in a Marathon is jeaous) and is very comfortable in the seat.

My daughter is petite and could have stayed in the Marathon a lot longer, but the Frontier seems more like a big girl seat for her (there's a lot more room to grow). I like that we'll be able to use it for a booster too and I'll never have to buy anything else.

Britax seats get high saftey ratings, but in addition, I've just found that they FEEL solid and of high quality. The only non-Britax seat I have bought was our original Graco Snugride (which I also liked), so other than trying them out in the store, I don't have experience with other seats.

The only complaint I have is that the buckles can be pretty stiff and hard to get opened and closed. THis is good because my kids can't undo them, but bad because they can be difficult for adults too sometimes (e.g. my parents).

So, guess I fit the "love it" category!



answers from Los Angeles on

We also bought the Frontier for our 4 y/o and honestly, I'd go with something cheaper and less complicated if I had to do it again. The only reason we got it is because it has the 5 point harness for up to 100 lbs i think or something like that, we didn't feel comfy leaving her with only the belt but in hindsight, she's 5 and half now and would be fine on a booster seat with seatbelt...up to you, we wanted to extra safety but really it's not that much safer and it's very expensive...and hard to freaking install!!



answers from Los Angeles on

It's good to think about that transition coming up when he is 4 years old.... I love Britax, and the one we use is the Britax seat with a 5 point harness. Much safer than a booster!




answers from Los Angeles on

I just got this seat yesterday. It took me a while to install it since I didn't realize there was an adjustable tilt (although it should have been obvious since there is on all their other seats). Once I moved the tilt to the right position, the seat installed perfectly. My 4 year old loves her new comfy seat, and I love that I can keep her harnessed for a few more years.


answers from Los Angeles on

We just went from a Roundabout to a Frontier -- two weeks ago! Absolutely love it, I can't say enough good things about the Frontier. From what I've read, we'll be able to use the Frontier longer than the Regent, so that's what we went with. It is very heavy, however, so if you move your carseats around a lot, this is something to consider. We don't so we're fine. One thing is, we chose the Sahara fabric instead of the others because I read the other seat covers send to pill and snag. The Sahara's fabric is different so we won't have that problem. Only other negative I can think of is the cup holders should have been made a bit deeper, but that's something we can live with. Good luck with your decision!



answers from San Diego on

We just bought the Britax Frontier for my 2 1/2 year old daughter and installed it in my Honda Pilot. We love it! If you're close by (we're in Bay Park), you're welcome to stop by and check it out and even put your little boy in it to see what you think. We bought it because it's the one that let's you keep them in the 5-point harness the longest and I've read that that is much safer than the seatbelt booster. If you want to set up a time to come try it out, call me at ###-###-####.

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