Boys Birthday Party / Sleepover Game Ideas

Updated on August 17, 2010
M.P. asks from Plainfield, IL
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We are having a birthday sleepover for my sons. They turned 10 and 7 over the summer and we were unable to have a "friends" party until now. They chose to have a sleepover and a jump house. We have also planned to have pizza, watch a movie w/ popcorn, and play a game. I'm looking for a fun game to play for about 17 high energy boys between the ages of 7 to 10 with a few prizes to the winner and runner up. Any ideas?

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answers from Chicago on

Water balloon toss and an egg toss are both great ideas. I would not do the egg thing in the jump house. If your jump house is returned with egg in it, they may come back and charge you for damages.

I remember playing a football toss when we were kids. You use a hula hoop either held up by someone or something and then you have to toss the ball thru the hoop.

Mummy game is fun for all ages. With 17 boys you could make 5 or 6 teams, each gets a roll of toilet paper, each team picks a person, within their team, to get wrapped, then the first team to unroll the entire roll around their selected team mate wins. It's fun and crazy at the same time.

Have fun...not sure what's worse 17 preteen boys or 17 preteen girls. lol You are a brave mom! Have fun! I hope it doesn't rain.

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answers from San Antonio on

I don't have older boys, but I'm trying to remember what I did and what my brothers did at their parties when they were that age. Here's some things that came to mind:

- Squirt guns
- water balloon fight
- See who can get dressed in a certain outfit the fastest (have big oversized shorts, t-shirt, socks, hat, etc - they must race to see who can get dressed in the outfit the fastest, all while wearing large OVEN MITS). If you want, add some interesting pieces of clothing like suspenders or a clown nose or girls clip-on earrings.
- "break the egg" With the jump house, one boy is in the middle holding his legs up to his chest (like an egg). THe other boys jump all around him trying to "break the egg" (make his arms/legs come undone). The boy that stays an egg the longest wins. BUT: Maybe limit the number of boys that are trying to break the egg. This one might cause a bumped head or two.
- puzzle race. Make teams. Get some puzzles at the dollar store (all the same puzzle might be more fair). Have a race to see which team can put the puzzle together first.
- freeze tag. Don't know all the rules, but in order for your friend to unfreeze you, they must run under/between your legs.

Have fun. You are a brave mother to handle a house full of pre-teen boys! Make sure you have PLENTY of pizza! (an unspoken game could be who ate the most pizza. They can win a prize).

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answers from Chicago on

We used to play "Kick the can" in my friend's back yard, as well as "Capture the Flag." We would play for HOURS and not tire of it. (These games are both even more fun if you have lots of trees in your yard, and they are the type of game that do not require a prize, as winning is enough of a reward.)

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answers from Chicago on

your best bet is to head over the and search there - you will find tons of fun games that are unique but easy to play. My girls that are your sons ages loved sardine tag and sticker tag.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Do you have Cosmic Catch? That's kind of fun.
Also, LIMBO is fun for all ages, as is water balloon toss. Egg on spoon races. Three legged races.

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