Birthing Centers in Plano?

Updated on February 14, 2007
E.T. asks from Carrollton, TX
4 answers

I have a friend who is looking for a fantastic birthing center in the Plano area. She knows of one down near Baylor, but that is too far...

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There is one in Denton that is pretty good from what I hear, mostly I have just heard about home births in Plano. If anyone out there has heard of others let me know also.

K. @ The Nesting Place



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My doula delivered her baby at one in Allen in Oct 2004. Here is their website...

She and her baby son had a wonderful drug-free water birth experience there.

Best of luck to your friend.



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I used the Allen birthing center with our second daughter and LOVED it! (vs a hospital birth with our first). We had a water birth there, and it was really awesome and quick. I highly recommend it. If you fiend wants to hear more about it, PM me.



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hi E. i found some sites that might help your friend: (i used her for my two births) (now this one might actually find one in plano--all you do is get into the site, use side tool bar and mouse over to resources, click on find a midwife, from there it brings up directions and you will have to email someone to get info. and they get back to you.

hope all of that helps out your friend


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