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Updated on September 06, 2007
A.R. asks from Kennesaw, GA
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Hi, I have two kids and would like to celebrate both birthday parties together. They are just two weeks apart on birthdates and at this moment do not have a big budget (like we used to count on). Matt will be 8 and Mia 3. Do you have any suggestion. Thanks!!!

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We had a joint birthday party for our 4 and 2 year old sons (birthdays 1 month apart) at The Playroom in East Cobb. It's a gymnastics/cheer academy that also does parties, drop in play, etc. For 200.00 they provide 2 instructors to lead activities for 1 hr., decorations, plates, etc. (coordinated to your theme)for a 1/2 hr. cake/present opening. They have trampolines, a foam pit and very imaginative instructors. My 12 year old nephew had as good a time as my 2 year old son did.

What I liked about it was that it was so much more organized and lots less chaotic than some of the "bouncy places" we've been to for other parties. The kids actually were able to interact with each other instead of running around with that glazed over look in their eyes. Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend them.

Hope this helps

K. M



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Hi A.,

I don't know if this will fit into your budget, but I had my daughter's birthday party at Toys R Us. It was awesome!! I didn't have to bring anything!!!! Not even the cake. They took care of EVERYTHING for me. It was such a relief and well worth the cost. If you go to the store they can give you more information about it. Call ahead because not all stores do the parties. Sometimes you can find information about it online at My daughter and her friends/family had a ball. They really did a good job!! Good luck!



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I don't know where you live, but the fire station near our house in cobb county does birthday parties, they supply hats, coloring books, and a tour. Educational and Entertaining. Your son would love it and my 4 year old girl went to one and she loved it too. The other advantage is they have place for you to have cake and ice cream (i.e. 20 kids won't be coming through your house) The one on Terrill Mill rd is the one I know of and it is right next to the park which is a big bonus. Also the one on Lower roswell near the government center may offer a party room which is good in 100 degree weather.



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Are you just looking for theme ideas or places? My 3yo just went to a friend's kid's bday party (kid is 14yo) and it was a pirate theme. My little girl has never seen Pirates of the Carribean and only really knows Pirates from the Pirate Piggies on Dora, but she LOOOOVED it. The mom bought plastic swords and hats for the kids and ALL of them loved them. Doing it at home with a theme would probably be a cheaper option. If you want activities, you could do a doubloon (sp?) hunt like an easter egg hunt, but with gold coins. If you have a pool in the neighborhood, that would make a good place for a pirate party.

Other themes, maybe just a movie theme from something they both like. Most of the Pixar films are good suggestions.

Honestly, at home parties with a mild theme would probably be your cheapest option.

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