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Updated on March 25, 2010
E.A. asks from El Monte, CA
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Hi Everyone,
My son is turning 4 this July & I was wondering if you guys have any creative ideas for his bday party! (I know his bday is like 4months away but I always plan ahead to save & be organized) It's extremely hot so I thought this year we would do it at the park or at our Clubhouse, either way I need ideas on themes or activities. We have so many bday parties throughout the year that I always try to be different. This year he seems to not really like anything in particular. Im open to any ideas, Im just starting to plan so it you know of any good food ideas or decorating ideas I would appreciate it. I was thinking of doing maybe a pirate themed party or magic party...but I don't know where to start! Thanks

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So What Happened?

Thanks moms for taking the time to respond. I loved the website one of you suggested. I am pretty crafty so I was able to come up with tons of good ideas & projects,,,however my son is now saying he wants a Spiderman Party & I guess afterall I should do what he wants, The Ideas I had he wasnt interested I even told him about a Carnival themed party but he doesnt like clowns & he liked the pirate theme but is more excited about Spiderman! I will be booking a spot at our local park & plan an amizing Boy party! Thanks

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My sister-in-law had a pirate party for my 4 year old niece. She used this website to get her ideas from. They also have a lot more ideas for other types of birthday parties for children. I am using it to help plan my nephew's 6th birthday party. It is Super hero Themed. They have a lot of great ideas.

My sister-in-law also went to Long John Silvers, if you have one near by, and she asked them for some hats. They gave her free hats for the kids and some toys to give away!

Hope this helps!

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I am completely stealing this idea from someone else, but I love it and we're doing it this year for my son (also a summer b-day)...

You can order "kite kits" and have each child make a kite to fly at the party. My girlfriend ordered them from Oriental Trading Company and they were simple and inexpensive. She had each child make a kite (also functioned as their party favor) and they spent the afternon flying kites, snacking and playing. The whole party was 2 hours long and parents were invited to stay. It was a huge hit!

She also bought pencils to tie to the bottom of the kite. Altogether a very cute, creative and inexpensive party idea for a little one!

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For my son's birthday last year (four) he had his party at Azarian Gymnastics in Aliso Viejo. They had a GREAT time. It was reasonably priced and we had the entire gym for the party. It was fantastic.

My son's birthday is in June, so I'm always looking for indoor, air conditioned places for his party...

If you want pirate themed, Bears, Buddies and Cuddles does pirate parties.




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We did a slip 'n' slide party. We bought 2 with the inflated bumper at the end and set them up side by side in our front yard and had races. It kept everyone cool and was a blast.



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You've probably received a lot of ideas by now, but I thought I'd add one to the mix. Does your son like hot wheels cars? We did a race car theme party for my 6 year old and it was a hit! Totally different from any party we've been to - and everyone commented on how great and different it was for the kids. We hired someone who brought in four different race tracks (although you could always just set up your own) and tons of cars, and the kids loved racing the cars down the tracks (even the girls). If you think he's too young, keep it in mind when he gets a bit older.

Good luck,



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At the pirate themed party I held for my daughter, the children had to follow a set of clues that began with a letter from a mythical pirate captain. Each clue led to the next which ultimately led to a treasure map. I made a crude drawing of my yard with black crayon on brown craft paper with torn edges. The X marked the spot of the treasure which held their goodie bags. I decided NOT to bury the treasure, just simply hid it behind bushes. The bags had eye patches, scarves, and telescoping monoculars included with their loot of stickers, chalk, and gummy snacks. It had a letter from the Captain congratulating them on becoming true pirates. The treasure hunt was so successful that I've included it in several birthday parties since. I just change the treasure to match the theme.



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Last year for my son's party we did a Prehistoric Pets party, they are located in Fountain Valley.. you can either have your party there or they will come to your location. We had them at the house and it was great everyone including the parents got involved. The kids loved being able to touch the reptiles and creepy crawlers. It is an hour show and we had lunch before, cake after and done. Party was a hit and only lasted about 2 1/2 total.


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If you want to go with a Pirate theme, get a piece of cardboard make a ship, or a piniata (made with paper mache) hang it in a tree and have little pirate toys in it when they break it. Get some black material and make like a kerchief so you can put it around each childs head. Get other toys that are hidden treasures', they have to find them. ie. plastic swords, jewels that you can get at a dollar store. Gold chocolate coins etc. If you have an old trunk decorate it with any costume jewellry etc. Hats tha are more along the line of a captains hat. These can be make out of black bristol board as well. Hopefully some of these ideas' have helped out. Best of luck! Happy Birthday to your son.



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If you live in San Diego I have a wonderful lady who customizes pinata's for me. She has made monster trucks, motorcycle, castle, cars etc... This has always been a big hit at out parties. I pay $50.00 for a custom pinata, which I feel is very much well worth it. If you saw it you would understand why $50.00 is cheap. She could do a pirate ship very easy. I would be glad to give out her number.



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There are sooooo many great birthday party ideas. You just need to be willing to do a little leg work. One of my favorite websites is They have a lot of fun ideas that won't break the bank. When my son was 4, we used their race car themed birthday and played many of the games they suggested and more at a park. It was also the first year we did musical chairs with the kids. It was a lot of fun!!! However, you need to figure out what strikes you. Good luck!



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Scavenger Hunt around the house, since they are so little, and make the things to look for fun and something they would recognize easily. The team who finds the "Prize Key" gets to open the treasure box full of goodies (from the $.99 Store and maybe candy, erasures, etc). After the Scavenger Hunt, you could eat dinner and the winning team picks out a movie for them to watch!

For party gifts, I know Target is selling these popcorn plastic holders that look like old school popcorn bags. They are being sold in the $1.00 of Target and we got a TON and now use them for ourselves and have a nice "stash" that we put goodies into for the kids party packets to take home. Hope this helps :0).

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