Birthday Ideas for 5 Year Old Girl

Updated on May 27, 2009
H.O. asks from Lincoln, NE
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I would LOVE some help with birthday ideas for my almost 5 year old little girl. I've been asked for gift ideas and I'm really at a loss for ideas to give them. My husband and I plan to get her a new bicycle and helmet. Last year she got lots of summer clothes which she needed but this year she already has plenty. She and my son love to be outside as much as they can. I'd appreciate any suggestions you have! :)

Thanks so much!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Creative Kidstuff has some cute things for outside- water and sand tables, fun sprinklers and bubble activities to name a few...

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answers from Minneapolis on

If she likes to draw, I have seen commercials for color explosion 3d chalk with 3d glasses. That looks pretty cool and could be a fun inexpensive gift. [or just regular sidewalk chalk]

She might like a waterproof disposable camera to take with to the beach and pools this summer

A child's tent and sleeping bag

a net and little "bug house" for catching bugs

Almost every child loves temporary tattoos

water shoes for wading

hula hoop [though she might not have the coordination yet]

popsicle molds and sticks, and a few recipes to make fruit smoothie bars [or just use koolaid]

a little girl's fishing pole if she doesn't have one already

a marionette ....when I was little my parents got me a couple of marionettes. I remember playing with them all summer long with my friend. We would take them on walks and take them down slides and put on little plays for my mom and pretend they were our pets, etc ...its a good alternative to dolls for creative play

A bird feeder or bird house that she can decorate. you could get a plain one and paint it or glue beads and ribbon on it. there are simple build-your-own kits out there. She could be the one to decorate it, fill it with seeds, and help hang it up....and if she has a disposable camera she can take pictures of the birds that visit

a small purse filled with stickers, tattoos, lip gloss, a girly pen and notepad, and a bracelet

That's all I've got for now but I am sure you will get some great ideas here



answers from Madison on

What about gardening items? Seeds, gloves, pot, shovel, watering can, etc.



answers from Minneapolis on

how about a slip and slide or a fun sprinkler? new beach towels, sand toys, flip flops etc are always a hit with my girls. they also have new 3-d chalk, cool sidewalk paint, sprayers etc. how about passes to an outdoor water park??


answers from Milwaukee on

Set up a college fund and tell friends and relatives that ask what to get to put money in the college fund (or similar). My daughter is only 3 and we are going to do this because she does not need more toys at this point.

Think of hobbies that your daughter likes and get something geared towards that.... example; loves to take pictures with camera get her a digital camera (there is a very kid friendly camera from VTech it is a bit "big" but is made just for kids).



answers from Minneapolis on

All very good ideas. What about a snow cone maker? I've seen one in Target, don't know the price. My neighbor had one last year and loved it.


answers from Minneapolis on

All great ideas! At that age my daughter loved craft and art kits (great for rainy or very very hot be indoors)...sets of balls (Discount School Supply has playground balls...sets of different sizes in all red or a colorful set with 5 diff colors for under $20 including shipping)....water toys...chalk sets...cameras...

If its families looking to go in on things..maybe fun paks...passes/cert ot a fun place like a local pool place (or a beach set if they know you do that?), along with fun kids goggles/snorkles/diving rings/silly sunglasses/beach towel, etc...I love doing "kits"!

I know to many a gift card is a "cop out"...but I often get them..along with a small something to go with that theme..even for children this young. Is your child a reader..enjoys books? How about a nice bookmark (or perhaps a fun home made one)..with a $15 Book Store gift card. I think this helps kids learn to spend their own money and make decisons about "money"! And its FUN to sometimes be able to make their own choices!

Also..ask HER what she just never know what they will say!



answers from Sheboygan on

My daughter is also almsot 5. She LOVES My little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, etc. WOuld just have to watch the little pieces around the younger one. For outside--Jump rope, new sprinkler for when it's hot, bubbles, sidewalk chalk; inside stuff--is she into pretend play? If so, Oriental Trading Company has several different sets of hand puppets.



answers from Minneapolis on

It all depends on if she has friends and or relatives in the area. You could take her on a special trip to the local Zoo. She might also like a treat and gift from the gift shop and a picture book(s) to read.

You could also if have room get her a pet fish like a Beta. They are easy to take care of. Just dont ever mix a Male with a Female as it might be a loss. The males are much more colorful. For other type gifts: Maybe an educational type game or child's camera if she can handle one now. Our daughter grabbed the camera from our hands and ever since takes pretty good pictures we eventually got her own digital camera a few years later. Think of a hobby she might like or grown into (so it could last more than one year)
Look at this site for an idea also:
A Bicycle and Helmet are a good idea too.



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughters have everything so I have been asking for "experiences" like trips to the Children's Museum, Nickelodeon Universe, Builde-A-Bear, Underwater World, Movies, Como Town, MN Zoo... or gift certificates for these places. Hope that helps.



answers from Des Moines on

Cool water toys -- slip and slide or a little pool to splash in.
An activity table for outside.
Hula hoop, yard games -- there's a Twister Hopscotch with rings you put together that would be fun, or a game where you run and tag little stations (I can't remember the name)
A basket, bell or horn, little license plate, tassels for her new bike
girly dress up accessories, lip gloss, barrettes, dress up shoes and dresses, etc
If a couple people went together a playhouse for outside would be awesome.
Have fun!

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