Need Ideas for Great Gifts for Birthday for 5 Year Old Girl

Updated on May 27, 2010
H.O. asks from Cedar Park, TX
8 answers

My child is turning 5. She has 2 brothers and really doesn't have many girl things...what are great ideas/toys/crafts that would be good for a 5 year old girl?

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answers from Dallas on

My girl is 4.5 & is really crazy about beading right now. I got her some tri-beads, pony beads and beads that are animal shapes. I'm planning to make some newspaper beads with her this weekend. You can google it for directions. For a gift you could put together a package with beading supplies and some music for her to listen to while she works, or arrange for her to have her own desk well-stocked with supplies. If she's into crafty things I bet that would make her feel very special and grown-up.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

My daughter got a barbie house when she turned 4 that she loves! It all depends on what she is into. My daughter is turning 6 in July and SHE just decided to get rid of all of her baby doll stuff - kitchen, crib, stroller and babies!! She only likes to play with barbies now as far as dolls go. There are alot of cute computers out for little girls. Art supplies are always a great thing too.

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answers from Cincinnati on

We just celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday last month. She loved everything she received:

Barbie beach house with swimming pool - FUN!
Polly Pockets
Movie popcorn playdoh set
Miniature princess fairies
Silly Bands - Hottest thing right now
Crayola Colorwonder paper and markers
Veterinarian barbie with puppies
Barbie and My little pony DVD's
Happy Birthday Barbie
Clothes, flip flops, hair bows
Purse with lip gloss and lotion

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answers from Madison on

I have two girls, ages 4 and 6. Here are some things they enjoy...

-hula hoops, sidewalk chalk

-sticker mosaic kits, painting, rubber stamps, craft kits to make cards or pictures (Alex brand has a lot of neat art/craft projects)

-Build-a-Bear stuffed animals w/ clothing and accessories (you could take her to build her own stuffed animal and pick out some things to go with it)

-"Pretty, Pretty Princess" is a board game my girls have loved.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My lil girl is turning 5 next week and I got her a new "big girl" two wheeler pink radio flyer scooter...they are more stable than a razor but "cooler" than a 3 wheel one... I also got her some polly pocket sets and a little "girly" set with lipglosses, hair clips etc.

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answers from Killeen on

My 5 year loves barbies and barbie things (car, house, etc). She also likes arts and crafts- paint and glitter especially. She got a set of Benaroos for christmas and really likes them.

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answers from Lake Charles on

Oh the joys of a little girl!!!
My daughter is 5 and she is really into crafts... someone gave her a box full of color wonder stuff, 3-d chalk, paper, stickers, glue scissors, glitter, foam art pieces, paint, etc and she loved. You could get her an art little girl loves hers. She also loves games like princess memory, or candy land, don't break the ice, old maid, etc. She loves her polly pockets and my little pony. She is not inot barbies right now. She also loves her CD player and her Kid songs CDs. And ofcourse she loves her leapster and V-tech. She just got out of the dress up clothes stage, but that was fun. Another thing would be a vanity and some play makeup and hair accessories. My daughter also likes her outside toys... girly legos, bubbles, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, scooter, bike, wagon, etc.
Have fun...

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answers from Austin on

2 of our daughter all time favorite toys were the "Twizzler" and the "Air Pogo".

She also ran around in all types of fancy dress up clothes and shoes.
She would spin on the twizzler for hours in her fancy dresses to "watch them swirl"

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