Birthday Gift Ideas - 3 Yr Old Twin Boys and 5 Yr Old Brother

Updated on May 25, 2011
A.R. asks from Danbury, CT
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To any mothers of twins:
We are going to a combined birthday party in 3 weeks for 3 brothers - the oldest will be celebrating his 5th birthday and the twins will be turning 3. I'm not sure what is the best gift-giving strategy in general... combined gift for all 3, combined gift for the twins and separate gift for the older brother, individual gifts, or separate-but-the-same-type gift (like 3 legos, or 3 action figures).
Could any mothers of twins tell me what worked best for their children at gift giving times?

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answers from Honolulu on

The older child, will probably want and should get, a separate gift. He is older. AND, he probably does not like being all "lumped in together" by default, with his Twin siblings.
He is 5 now. They have different & separate, interests.
There is a big difference in development, between a 3 year old and a 5 year old.

Get a 'separate but the same type gift" for the Twins.
And then a separate gift, entirely, for the 5 year old.
And this will also then, curtail issues of "sharing" the same gift and children this age, not wanting too... and wanting their 'own' toy/gift.
So EACH child, will have something to open, and for it to be 'theirs.'

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answers from New York on

It would be great if you could give 3 separate gifts as it may be more challenging to find 1 big gift for all to share, but perhaps gifts that can use together. Like puzzles, games, car ramps and cars, crafts like play doh,a video etc. My twins just turned 5 last week and they have been playing the most with a car ramp that one of them got. I had gotten 2 ramps, but due to space, I returned one.

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answers from Dallas on

I think if mom is having a combined party it's ok to do a combined gift
It's summer so I'm thinking water toys. - like maybe a slip n slide along with 3 little water guns?
Or a seperate but the same gift of 3 big water soaker water guns.
Maybe a blowup pool for the 2 little ones and a super soaker for the big boy.



answers from Albany on

Definitely give separate gifts to the kids - they are 3 separate kids. If you know them well, different gits are ok, if you don't similar items are good to minimize fighting.


answers from New York on

Mom of twins piping in: Separate but similar gifts for the twins and something different for the older brother. Getting 2 identical things for the twins can lead to an argument (that's mine, no it's mine) and since the 5 yr old is the big guy in the family he shouldn't get what the little guys get.



answers from San Francisco on

my now-9YO twin daughters have had a mix of separate similar gifts and shared gifts (craft kits, board games, etc.) and haven been okay with both. I agree with SH that the 5 year old should get a separate gift and would lean towards getting similar-but-separate gifts for the twins instead of a shared gift

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