Updated on April 02, 2007
L.F. asks from Oak Park, IL
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My 8 1/2 month old has mastered the removal of his current bibs and I am looking for a recommendation for ones that are a little harder to take off. I am looking for one that he would wear during the day (reflux baby), not a feeding bib (love Bumkins!). Thanks!

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So What Happened?

We ordered the Silly Billyz Bibs and love them. They really are the best we have found. Thank you all for your suggestions!

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Hi There-

I LOVE the Silly Billyz bibs. They are nice and soft and the snap is very strong. The front is made of fleece and the back is nylon so it isn't stiff. They are very absorbent. They have all different kinds -- even one with long sleeves for truly messy meals.

They have a website

Happy Shopping!

M. :-)

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There are ones that they sell at Target that have Elmo on them, they go over his he wouldnt be able to pull it off. They are made of terry cloth like towels and are very easy to throw in the wash!



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My daughters were able to take off the velcro bibs and the over-the-head bibs you can find at Target. I found some Chicago Cubs bibs with snaps at Walgreens that they still can't take off at 20 months. They are cloth bibs and are not giant like many feeding bibs, nor tiny like some of the drool bibs.



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I am also a HUGE fan of Silly Billyz! They are the best for droolers, because they absorb and do not leak. They also snap, so no pulling them off!



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This might not be very convenient or helpful for all day wear, but 2 of my kids really needed to wear bibs, but were masters of escape. I ultimately had good luck with the kind that had sleeves and fastened in the back.

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