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Updated on January 18, 2011
M.P. asks from Corona, CA
6 answers

Which strollers do you love and hate and why? Any other baby items you would recommend or never buy again would be helpful. Thanks

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answers from Kansas City on

I have the safety 1st air infant travel system..I'm not really positive what it's more technical name is called. I love the look of it, but the carseat is too heavy, and the stroller itslef is eally hard to close.

I love my fsher price rock and play and pecious planets mobile. Lifesavers. I also love my boon benders, nuby silicone bay food dispensing spoon, and HABA wooden toys.
I wish I could sue Evenflow for thier awful double electric breastpump- I want my money back. I hated playtex ventaire advanced bottles- they leaked everywhere no matter what I did.



answers from Detroit on

The best stroller I ever had was my MacLaren triumph. I loved it. It was light weight yet very durable (it actually fell out the back of a jeep while my husband was driving along and survived). It reclined enough for the little one to nap in and was roomy enough as he got older. It really was awesome, I loved it!!!
I would also recommend getting a swing, both my kids loved them as babies, and an entertainer - great for putting them in while working in the kitchen, they could play while I made dinner with them right by me.



answers from Dallas on

I had a Joovy Ultralite Caboose stroller for a 3 yr old and a baby. It worked great until the baby was about 14 months old. The straps did fit her anymore to safely strap her in and she would "submarine" in the seat because she could not be strapped in it properly - she was 90% in height. Also with the older sibling standing or sitting on the little seat in the Joovy with the younger 14 month old child sitting in the stroller it was awkward & heavy to turn the stroller. I had a Bugaboo Frog as a gift and at first it was kind of strange to figure out how to fold it up to put in/out of car but it handles like a charm and will go over any type of terrain imaginable, rough dirt, sand, rocky trails, grass - it goes through it all. It is super-light, has reversible handle bar & seat position and is one stroller I have kept. Buy the infant car seat adapter for whatever infant seat you have and you will have an instant travel system. It is pricey so you might want to check for places for a used one if possible. I have had Graco Metrolite Stroller, the Quatto Tour, Joovy Ultralite, Bob stroller, the Bugaboo Frog, and a Combi. So far the best I have used are the Bugaboo Frog, and the Graco Quattro Tour.
I absolutely recommend the Born Free glass bottles. They are easy to sterilize, prevent baby from taking in air from bottle and overall are great bottles. No problems with them at all, except the price but they are worth it if you have a colicky gassy baby.



answers from New York on

I have a MacLaren Quest that is very lightweight and durable, perfect for travel. When I had a second baby I got the Phil and Ted's Sport Buggy because it works for an infant and toddler together or each separately. I love it. It is not a jogging stroller but an "all-terrain" stroller so you shouldn't run with it but you can walk for fitness and it handles grass, gravel etc. When the second child is a newborn the back seat lies completely flat like a bassinett and the toddler rides in front. Once the littlest one has head and torso control the seats switch around (you can look online and find a video to show) and the smaller child now sits up in the back and the toddler in the front. The weight limit is quite high and it steers so easily, I can have my now 4-year-old in the front and 2-year-old in the back and handle with ease. Also it is not too heavy to load in and out of the car. We have flown with it and it is a lifesaver with two little ones to manage. Both seats also recline a decent amount so there have been many times both kids would snooze away in the stroller. One downside is that my son is now too tall to recline in the back, I would say by age 2 their head hits the bar. Also he sometimes kicks my daughter in the back but it is usually short-lived thankfully! In terms of other baby gear, if you plan to wear baby at all I really love the Ergo Baby Carrier; it is a little pricey but so comfortable and user friendly. My son would sleep for hours in it while I played at the playground with my daughter.


answers from Denver on

LOVE our Combi. Small, compact fold, durable, fits in any sized car for transport, reclines, front bar comes off once child is old enough to get in & out on their own. Does everything, best travel system with out the bulk. It is like having an umbrella stroller & travel system in one--no need for two strollers as child grows. Only con is no cup holder & limited storage space underneath but we have gotten over this (quickly) and realized that unless we are at Disneyland or somewhere special for the entire day we really don't need ALL that stuff you think you do when you head out on a stroll around town or the mall. Between our diaper bag, strapped over handles, and stroller clips to hold bags while out shopping & odds & ends: blanket, jacket, snack, etc underneath we LOVE it! Check out reviews on, super helpful!



answers from Las Vegas on

I hated the Combi umbrella! The front bar in front of the baby was too flimsy and our little baby girl just warped and bent it. The handles were too low and we had to bend over to push it. And...the wheels were in the exact place where your feet go every step you take! I kicked and tripped over this thing so many times.

We replaced it with the Graco umbrella and loved it.

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