Best Thermos to Keep Kids Food Warm Until Lunch at School

Updated on September 01, 2014
M.T. asks from Naperville, IL
10 answers

I am looking for the best container/thermos to keep my daughter's soup/rice/or any other food warm up until lunch time at school. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

RA. B stole my answer.
More important than what brand is putting boiling water in the thermos for a minute, then dumping it just before you add the food. If you preheat the thermos, probably any brand will work.

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answers from Dallas on

I've had great luck with Thermos brand. I found character ones at Target by Thermos so easy to keep all 3 kids straight. One of the tricks is to put hot water in it for a few minutes before you take out the hot food and put it in. HTH

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answers from Chicago on

Thermos brand is great. Comes in a lot of colors. If you pour some boiling water in and leave it for about 10 mins dump it and put the hot food in it will be hot for lunch. My kids loved soup, Mac and cheese and ravioli etc for lunches and thermos was great.



answers from Wausau on

I use these thermal lunch bowls.

They fit in rectangular soft sided thermal lunch boxes. I like the short canister types too, but they don't fit what we had.



answers from Rochester on

We also use Thermos brand. Another thing I do is to heat the food more than I normally would. It is sure to stay hot until lunch, but is cooled off enough to eat. Hand wash only. They will last longer.


answers from Dallas on

I am a regular substitute teacher and in the lunchroom on duty a lot. I see mostly the Thermos brand.

When my daughter was younger, we also used the Thermos brand. Like most people have already said on here.... it is key to put boiling water in it before you put food in it and never put it in the dishwasher.



answers from Washington DC on

Here's another vote for the Thermos brand.

Make sure you get the metal ones. They have sticker labels on the outside that says how long the keep food cold and hot. The one DS uses is for 5hours hot... I think that's the longest available.

I have to pack his lunch for us to leave by 6:45 and he doesn't get to eat until 12:45, so that's 6 hours, but his food is always still nice and warm as long as I preheat the container with boiling water (I leave it in with the lid on while we eat breakfast and get ready... so much longer than 5 minutes), and heat his food HOT so that even if it cools off a bit, it's still nice for him to eat. Sometimes he still has to let it cool when he opens the Thermos in the cafeteria, but I'd rather that than cold pasta :)



answers from Chicago on

The kids thermos brand at Target works well. My kids eat at 12, and my son says the soup is too hot sometimes.



answers from Cleveland on

Thermos funtainer. It's a kids version of the large thermos. We have the drink container and the soup container. My daughter's lunch box has a mesh holder on the side and I put her soup thermos in there so eveything else can go in the main compartment with ice packs go stay cold and the soup or whatever stays earm. I fill it with hot water for a bit before the soup and I warm the food a little extra before I put it in



answers from Detroit on

Like everyone else said, the Thermos brand is great. I put my daughter's food in at 8:15 and she eats around 12:00 and says it's way too hot. So I always let it cool with the lid off for a while before I close it.

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