How to Keep Your Child's HOT Lunch Semi-hot????

Updated on July 31, 2013
M.B. asks from Phoenix, AZ
8 answers

My daughter is a very picky eater as it is, so making her lunch is not an easy task because on top of being a picky eater she refuses to eat her food if it's "cold". Perhaps I need to switch to a different kind of lunch tote; currently I use the Lands' End lunch totes because they keep her drinks, yogurt and string cheese nice and cold. I tried using a thermos to put her hot food in, but she says it still gets cold. She'll nibble on the food, but won't finish eating it. Any ideas?

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answers from Dover on

My daughter is funny about that too but we use the little thermoses and it works well. I boil some water and put it in the thermos, close it and leave it for 5-7 minutes. Heat the food and while it's heating dump the water out of the thermos. Dry the container quickly, insert food, and close it quickly.

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answers from Dallas on

Do you boil water, put it in the thermos, close the lid, let the water sit for a while, dump the water, then put the food in? I dot hat and my food stays hot for many hours.

ETA: Thanks, FB...I couldn't remember what it was called! Yes, temper the thermos!!

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answers from Washington DC on

I ditto making the thermos HOT before you put the food in it. My boys had cute character ones last year and my daughter had a good Thermos brand one - hers always stayed hotter.

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answers from New York on

temper the thermos, just like bug suggested.

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answers from San Francisco on

We just buy the 12 dollar "Thermos" brand at Target. All three of my kids say they keep their food really warm..sometimes "too hot".

We love thermoses for sending left overs to school. I have sent nacho cheese with a bag of chips, chicken nuggets, taco meat with a tortilla and sides in baggies also soup,chili or hot chocolate with a baggie of marshmallows. I personally love the versatility a thermos offers so the kids don't get stuck with the same ol' stuff.

Here is our trick..but really it is in the instructions. I just boil water in the morning then pour it in the thermoses and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then I pour out the water and put in the warm soup or pasta etc.

I even send ice cream or yogurt in there also...but let ice cold water sit for about 10 minutes before filling it up.

Good luck and best wishes!

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answers from Chicago on

Buy the hot lunch from school.



answers from New York on

Thermos or insulated bag. Do kids really take complete hot meals to school?



answers from Honolulu on

The brand "Mr. Bento" (which you can look at on Amazon), keeps things warm. LOTS of kids at my kids' school, have it. It keeps it hot to warm, very well. AND it also keeps things, cold.
Look it up online.
There are different sizes.

Both my kids have this and it is worth it.
Even adults have it.

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