Hot Thermos Lunch Box Ideas

Updated on December 11, 2010
S.C. asks from Norwalk, CT
7 answers

Does anyone suggest any thermos or any items used that keep lunch warm with several compartments?

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answers from Dover on

You can take hot soup (or other meals) or drinks in the thermos and it will be warm for lunch. Another option is taking hot chicken nuggets (or other meat) wrapping in aluminum foil and putting inside the thermos. You can also fill thermos with hot (almost boiling water) first, dump out, and then fill with the food (it helps it keep warm).

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answers from Dallas on

I bought a thermos at Target and I send rice and broccoli or chicken soup for lunch.



answers from New York on

You are bringing back wonderful childhood memories. We had one of those little thermos type thermoses. My mom would boild the water and put the lid on it while she would warm us up some dinner from the previous night or some Beefaroni or Ravioli.

She would also cook us hot dogs or cheeseburgers and wrap them in aluminum foil, wrap a paper towel around that and then stick it into a ziplock bag. It wasn't piping hot at lunch time but was still warm and delicious. These were the lunches everyone else wanted but I wouldn't trade to save my life.

Great memories. Thanks.


answers from Detroit on

I'm looking forward to reading your suggestions....I have the same issue. My son loves hot food and definately isn't a fan of sandwhiches and other cold foods. He'll eat them, but he much prefers hot foods.

One suggestion I can add though.....and I think I read it on here previously. Before putting the warmed food in it (in the morning)...put a cup of water in the microwave and boil it, then pour the water in the thermos with the lid on and let it stand while you prepare the food that's going in there. The boiled water will help get the thermos to the appropriate temp for the food and help to keep it warm all day. I've tried this with my son's thermos (his is a cheap off brand from Walmart) and its working great (as great as can be for such a cheap brand).



answers from Indianapolis on

Thermos is about the only thing I know of........and you can put just about anything in them to stay warm.......soup, meat, or drinks......

Good Luck....



answers from New York on

The Thermos brand makes a food jar similar to what you are asking for but it's not available on their web site. I saw one in Gracious Home today so keep looking around the houseware section of home goods stores.



answers from Des Moines on

I bought my daughter a little Thermos brand thermos for soups for cost about $15. I was amazed when I emptied it after school that the soup was still hot!! (probably about as hot as it was when I put it in there for a 5 yr old) It holds a can of soup perfectly and came with a fold up spoon. I would buy it again. Good Luck! :)

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