Best Place to Consign Clothes in Fort Worth?

Updated on June 21, 2010
A.A. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I have TONS of baby clothes I want to sell that my son has out grown. We were keeping them in case this new little jelly bean was a boy but YAYAYAYAYA its a girl!!! Where is the best place to get the most money around Ft Worth for his clothes but not JBF, I dont want to actually sell the clothes myself?

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I dont really know of any place thats good. I was just wanting to warn you about Kid To Kid. I took 2 full bags of great clothes (with tags too) and they said they would either give me 13 dollars cash or 17 dollars in store credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said no way!!! I keep all of my stuff now just in case I have another boy. If I have a girl, I will have a garage sale and sell it. I think thats best.

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the just between friends consignment is coming up, it might be too late to consign for the ft worth one (sorry i dont remember exactly when it is) but there are others in the area that are later. i would say you prolly get the most for your money at one of these bc i think you set your own prices, it's like a big garage sale for kids stuff. stores dont always give much, but you could also craigslist them.



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The best place to consign is is not that hard to do. It's not like you have to go there and sell it. If you go elsewhere you won't get ANYTHING for your clothes. The only place I have had any luck is JBF. If you don't care how much you get then just have a garage sale yourself. I took two FULL bins of Polo, Hilifiger, Gymboree, etc to Kid to Kid and they offered me $15.00!!!!
I was furious...some things still had tags! If your going to basically give it away to a consignor then just have a garage sale. Also, I took some stuff to MudPuppy and NEVER received my check from them or a decent explanation as to how they don't have my bedding set - including matching lamp, bedding, diaper stacker, nightlight, etc. or any money for me. JBF is the best way to will make lots of money and you can track it online. Good luck!



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You missed the recent Just Betweens Friends Sale in Fort Worth. It was last weekend. There is another sale coming up in Arlington for kids, teens and maternity sales. You can go to this website and consign for the upcoming sale in October.

R. Reed
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Try a site called GumdropSwap ( You can swap from anywhere in the US by sending the clothes your kids outgrow to this kids boutique in CT. An option if you want to get some value out of all the money you spent instead of flat out donating. As long your things are in good condition they don't turn down anything because of brand, size or season. They take everything unlike resale store like Once Upon a Child! They give you points to shop on the website and send the clothes that fit your kids. It's great if you don't have time, patience or know how to do consignment, Ebay, craigslist, tag sale, etc.



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I know you say you don't want to consign yourself. JBF does have a service where they do the tagging for you. I know the Fort Worth one does that, I'm not sure about Arlington or North Richland Hills.

I wouldn't recommend Kid-to Kid. I've been to Divine Consign and I believe it is just JBF. Most consignment stores don't give you much for the clothes, be prepared. They have overhead, employees, light bills,etc..., so they won't give you as much do to their overhead.

I think E bay might be neat to try. I know there are some services where you take your things to EZ Bay and they put it online for you. I'm not sure how it works, you might want to check into it. You could also put an ad in the paper, however you would have to put some kind of price on it and talk to the buyer.

I shop JBF and found it is the best route. Divine Consign is good place to try also. The smaller shops won't give you as much and don't have as much selection as JBF/Divign Consign.

Good Luck



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A great place just north of FW is Finders Keepers For Kids in North Richland Hills off of Davis Blvd. They are a more upscale resale shop and I believe you get paid on the spot, although don't hold me to it. It is not a consignment shop, but a resale shop so they pay you regardless if the clothes sell or not.

Finders Keepers for Kids
8509 Davis Blvd North richland Hills, Tx 76180

Good luck!



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look up and

Hope that helps.

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