Benadryl to a 1 Year Old?

Updated on January 15, 2009
S.S. asks from Mission Viejo, CA
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My husband and I are in a battle over benadryl. Our daughter has hand foot and mouth and she cannot sleep due to the mouth sores and sore throat and overall aches and stuff that comes along with the disease. He says we should let her get a good night sleep and give her some benadryl. I SAY NO. We first of all do not even know how much to give her because kids arent supposed to have it until they are 6!! He also says when we go to Hawaii in June we should give her some to help her sleep the flight away. I totally disagree. Have any of you given your little ones benadryl???? My 1 year old is 27 lbs so he says she can stand it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Did the doctor prescribe it?? If anything, I would say to give her some Motrin for the pain...but, definitely ask the Pedi first.

My son has been on Claritin for his allergies since he was 16 months. But, I don't give him any OTC's unless the doc says to.

As for the flight...I have flown with my son and not had to give him anything to calm him. I just plan the flight around his naps, so he is pooped and falls asleep. He's now 2.5 and traveled very well.

Good Luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

Ask your Pediatrician.
Some say yes, some say no.

THEN, HIDE the Bendadryl bottle. Hubby seems too eager to give it to her.

Here's an informative link:

Good luck,

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answers from Los Angeles on

Talk to your doctor to see what the dosage should be. My kids were on Benedryl well before 6 under the drs. supervison due to asthma and allergies with no problems. It isn't forbidden, just needs to be supervised. After you consult with the ped., its a personel decision.
My ped also suggested to me, unprompted, to give Benedryl before our flight to Hawaii to help with the ear pressure pain (daughter was 2 1/2 at the time). Benedryl does not contain psuedephedrine (sp?), which is the ingredient that makes kids-like my son- go bonkers with some meds.
Have you tried orajel for the mouth sore pain?
Have you tried putting orajel on the mouth sores to help ease the pain?



answers from Reno on

I gave my oldest benedryl when he was 1, doctors orders for a reaction he was having, so it can be done. If you call your doctor they can give you the correct dosage...however...I'm never comfortable with giving my kids medicine like that when they don't NEED it. Ask your doctor their opinion! There may be a better choice...besides...benedryl makes sleeping worse for my kid! When he's having a reaction and has had benedryl he ends up being awake every hour or so. Some kids get hyper from it! I see your husband being compasionate and wanting her to rest, so I would try to find an alternative by asking your doctor!



answers from Los Angeles on

If it will help her sleep I say, go ahead. My son has had benadryl a few times so far and he is 16 months. The dosage is to be given by weight not age. I would suggest giving it to her while she is awake so that you can see if she has any adverse reaction to it. If she doesn't I say, give her a dose and let her get a good nights rest. You are a good mom for being concerned.



answers from Los Angeles on

hand foot mouth is very painful (my daughter had it). her dr said it was ok to give benadryl but no more then 1/2 a tspn and i only gave it morning noon and night not even every 4 hours. it will make her drowsy. so i do side with your husband there. you can also mix the benadryl with like malox or something like that and use a q tip to coat the sores in her mouth (im sure someone has the right mixture posted). as for the plane ride you may change your mind if your daughter is screaming for the whole flight. i can honestly say that my daughter did have benadryl only the dose told by her dr for our 7 hour flight to michigan (but her allergies were acting up) and it was a 6 am take off and we had to leave the house at 3:30a. i would how ever talk to her dr and see what he says for the hand foot mouth if your worried about her reaction to the benadryl give it to her durring the day about 2 hours before her nap and watch how she does if she gets too drowsey with a 1/2 tspn only use a 1/4 tspn. and also they can get really hyper on benadryl instead of sleepy. if you choose to use it with the hfm make sure you use it right and in moderation. good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I did when my daughter had a bad reaction to laundry soap which caused alot of itching. Her pedi at the time said it was ok and based the dosage on her weight. If I remember right it was the same doasge rate as tylenol. (tsp liq. tylenol= tsp liq. benedryl)

Call the pedi. I would give tylenol first for the pain. then a half dosage of benedryl - too much will just wire your little one.
hope the helps.



answers from Honolulu on

My friend asked her pediatrician if she could give her daughter (18 months) some Benadryl for a long plane ride and the doctor strongly recommended that she do NOT give her any. Actually, I just remembered that she also said that in some cases, Benadryl will make a kid MORE hyper, not sleepy. Hope this helps :)



answers from San Diego on

Agreed, Benadryl will sometimes have the opposite effect and your DC may go into ultra hyper mode (not what you want for a 6-hour plane ride). That said, we have given our DS Benadryl for Children, the first time when he was about 18-months old for an allergic reaction. I can't remember the exact amount we gave him, but we did it based on weight NOT age. So, we took whatever dosage was recommended and adjusted it for his weight. But, talk with your ped. first, and I definitely wouldn't recommend your first try with it right before your get on the plane ( a mistake my friend made when flying cross country).



answers from Las Vegas on

I wouldn't give it to her, unless it is for the HFM and the Dr has okayed it with the proper dose. However, you also have to be careful of what the doctors tell you as well. As a parent, you have to use your own judgement.

I just took my coughing daughter to the doctors office today because she sounded like there was a mass of fluid in her chest. The doctor looked and listened and said there was a little wheeze so she gave her a breathing treatment and listened again. Said she sounded all better, but if she is coughing ~ here is a prescription for some cough syrup with codeine in it to help her sleep. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between a prescription codeine in the cough syrup and a little whisky in the babies bottle to help them sleep??? This was not her regular PED, so needless to say, we won't use her again. Very rarely do I give her any medications. I allow her body to heal itself and most often it does, however, I don't mess around with the breathing/lungs.

And yes, everyone reacts to meds differently. My husband races on codeine! After sleep apnea surgery, where they removed his tonsils, uvula, and part of his palette (thank God his tongue is still in there), they gave him a huge bottle of liquid hydro-codeine for pain. He cleaned my house for 3 days (my husband does not clean)! I mean I was digging my belongings out of the trash because he kept saying he had to get the house clean and I finally got it when he told me I had to go pick up the second bottle. So I picked up the second bottle to be sure he didn't jump in the car and get it himself and dumped a little in the parking lot and refilled it with a little of my bottled water. I continued to do that until he finally said he needed to get off of it. Everyone's chemistry is different and we don't all react the same way.

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