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Petting Zoo for 1-Year-old?

Read all 8 responses: "I'd like to bring my one-year-old to the petting ... I'd wipe right away with baby wipes and then use soap and water when you can get ...

What Can I Give My One Year Old for His Cold?

Sep 16, 2009 ... I know there is Vicks Baby Rub that can help with a cough. .... My pediatrician gave me children's Zyrtec for my 1-year-old's cold. ...

Birthday for a 1 Year Old

Oct 13, 2009 ... My daughter is turning 1 in November. Although I know that throwing a big party for a 1 year old doesn't really matter to the baby, it does matter to my ...

My One Year Old Just Wont Listen Unless I

Your expectations of what a 1 year old can do are very unrealistic. I understand that with a new baby and a 3 yr old you don't have enough hands to go ...

Should I Wean My 1 Year Old from the Breast?

I was feeding my 1 year old 4 -5 times a day and once at night. He also was not that interested in eating food. He was a big baby and around the 75th ...

1 Year Old Does Not like Milk

1 Year Old Does Not like Milk. How important really is milk in a baby's diet? My son was recently weaned from the bottle and didn't have an overly difficult ...

Seeking Play Group for Kids Under One Year Old

I'd like to form or join an existing playgroup for babies under one year of age. I have a 7-month-old girl and I would love for her to be around and grow ...

1 Year Old Won't Eat

1 Year Old Won't Eat. Hello everyone, I have a wonderful little boy who just turned one on Sunday. He won't eat anything but baby food, if that. ...

1 Year Old Milk Transitioning

oh I had the same questions with my 1 year old girlshes almost two now what your baby is doing seems perfectly normalmy daughter was doing the sameshe's ...

1 Year Old -- Sleeping in Play Yard Overnight

1 Year Old -- Sleeping in Play Yard Overnight. Hi -- We are planning an overnight trip to my grandparents in a couple weeks. I will need to have my son ...
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  • use saline nasal drops in 2 answers "You can also use saline nasal drops and bulb suction to help clear up his nose."
  • la leche league in 2 answers "Check out La Leche League (the Hillsboro meetings are on the first Monday of each ..."
  • no cry sleep solution in 3 answers "There's a great book called The No Cry Sleep Solution which outlines this method ..."
  • eats yogurt and cheese in 2 answers "If he eats yogurt and cheese, he's probably getting enough calcium."
  • weaning is a personal decision in 2 answers "Weaning is a personal decision. I would consult a pediatrician about weaning and ..."