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Updated on June 30, 2008
S.W. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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I had great perky breast. I love the bond of nursing with my son but it has left me lopsided . I know you are supposed to switch breasts but even while I was still pregnant one breast began to grow larger than the other. Does anyone know if my breasts will return to normal when I stop nursing? Or should I look into plastic surgeons??
Thank you
Girls I'm really not that shallow but I need to hold on to one piece of me.

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I used to have great perky breasts too! And nice skin and no bags under my eyes and no gray hair.... then my kids came along! Those buggers!

I didn't breast feed, but after I had my second, one boob got bigger than the other and now they're lopsided and saggy. Sean is 3 now. I need an industrial strength bra to make them *look* perky, but they aren't anymore!

I went to the dermatologist and my hair is colored every 6 wks, but I still look exhausted (because I am). When I'm 35 I'm getting a tummy tuck & boob lift. I can't wait.

PS - Wow he's 8 mos old and in grad school! Smart kid! ;o)



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I have 2 boys and I nursed them both and I was left lopsided afterwards as they both favored one breast a little more than the other. The lopsidedness did not go away and I was left smaller than before as well as I lost all my pregnancy weight plus a few extra pounds. A year and a half ago I had breast implants done and they are now even and a couple of sizes bigger than they were. They are beautiful and I love them! You are not shallow; there's nothing wrong with wanting to look good/look better. If you wind up getting them too someday, just make sure you are done having children.



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Wait untill you are done breast feeding to see if they go back to normal. If you don't plan on having anymore children then see a surgeon. Until then just keep on doing what your doing it is the best thing for the baby.



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Hi S.! I did not breastfeed, so I would not have an answer for you. I just wanted to let you know that there is absolutley nothing shallow about your issue. Your life does not stop after you have a baby, do whatever is nesessery to help you be the beautiful you. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. maybe somebody would not agree with me, but that is just mine opinion.

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